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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 1175

Your post is misinformed speculation.

If you want to convince me you're more informed, the way to do it is not to make a comment like that with absolutely no data to back it up. If you look at Damore's comment text, you will see right at the top that he posted it to two internal URLs that are not specific to the anti-discrimination class: the internal document publication URL go/pc-considered-harmful and the internal discussion forum g/pc-harmful-discuss.

This required sufficient internal response that the CEO had to cut short a family vacation in order to handle it. In general, a CEO of that size company does not expect to personally manage damage from an engineering hire unless things are seriously wrong. IMO that alone was sufficient reason for termination.

And entirely separate from discussion of his rights, Damore's a turkey.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 0) 1175

Firing people who shout stupid ideas from the rooftop is not racism or discrimination.

There's a difference between hiring discrimination and termination for conduct. Google might have been prohibited from rejecting Damore as a new hire solely because he held stupid beliefs about women, but would have had a right to expect him to keep his beliefs to himself during the work day. He didn't.

At an old company, we had an engineer who would walk into someone's office where music was playing and state "that's devil music!" He had some strange religion. He had a right to his beliefs but it was still misconduct to direct them toward others at work.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 1175

Firing people who shout stupid ideas from the rooftop is not racism or discrimination.

Correct. A lot of people don't seem to realize that your free speech rights don't extend to using your workplace as the venue for your free speech. If Damore had posted this on his personal blog, rather than within the company, and was then terminated, he'd have a much better case.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 232

Well, it highly depends on where you live, doesn't it? For example: there is probably no laptop you could use on a table in a bistrot in Paris. Allotted space is tiny: One barely has place to move between the tables. Fortunately, I don't live in Paris and most places I go give ample space.

It just confirms that different people are in different situations and as such have different needs. My needs are covered in my situation with an X220. Yours are not. It just means you will have to make different trade-offs than me.

Comment Cheap Chinese (Score 1) 232

I got myself a Chuwi Hi10 Plus. Wait until you get a "sale" that suits you. (On Gearbest, everything is always on sale... you just need to wait until the "sale" matches your desires. Also, read very carefully whether the keyboard is included or not.) I got mine for 154.20€, including the keyboard.

It is basically a Surface knock-off for cheap. Is it as good as a Surface? Hell fuck no! However, for that price, I'm not going to complain. Cherry Trail Atom quad core, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage, 1920x1280 touchscreen and a valid Windows 10 license. It's no speed demon, but for casual surfing, the occasional text editing, it suffices. For that price, I'm not going to complain.

I don't really like the keyboard, but as an alternative there is the Chuwi Hi10 Pro. I don't have one, but the keyboard definitely looks better, and it seems identical except for being a bit smaller and having only "1920x1200".

Again, for the price, these 2 in 1 tablets are great. Keep in mind: this being a Cherry Trail Atom, you're not going to run Linux on it. I only found out about that after buying it.

Comment Re: Next up - Falcon Heavy!! (Score 3, Informative) 103

Besides R&D, fixed infrastructure costs are huge. And there are somewhere north of 5000 employees! Block 5 (now also called Falcon 9 2.0, the latest and supposedly final version of Falcon 9) is supposed to refly 10 times. With greater than 20 launches per year in Florida, recovery may reach an economic payoff.

Comment Re:Shame it's not NASA (Score 3, Insightful) 103

The US gave up the idea of space exploration for the sake of science, and sold it to the highest bidder.

That's not actually how things are going at all. The U.S. has always had contractors build its rockets, now some contractors have chosen to build their own and sell rides to NASA and others. This is an inevitable consequence of the development of rocketry.

If you want to cry about something, go back to the 50 year vacation the U.S. took from space development at the end of the Apollo program.

Comment Re:Next up - Falcon Heavy!! (Score 4, Insightful) 103

Falcon 9 Heavy would be the largest operating launch system by weight carried to orbit. The closest competitor might be Blue Origin's New Glenn, which they haven't really started to build yet and is 4 years away if they work real hard, by which time SpaceX might have a similar large rocket.

National rocket programs and ULA are still in the denial stage. ULA has a theoretical, not built, recovery program called "SMART recovery" which is more efficient in flight but less economically efficient because it throws away most of the rocket, which probably makes it a non-starter given how SpaceX is doing.

SpaceX recovery is not yet proven to be economically feasable - it works and gives them a reserve of first-stages so that they can do launches faster than companies that have to build the first stage, but it doesn't yet save money - but it looks like SpaceX will get there.

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