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Comment Re:food (Score 1) 641

so does that mean that when a mountain lion kills a deer then it should be tried for murder?

I don't recall any mountain lions claiming to be a civilized society. I also don't recall any mountain lions having the knowledge and ability to survive any other way, especially being that they're obligate carnivores.

Comment Re:food (Score 1) 641

I'm sorry but there's no difference between livestock (chicken, cows, horses, etc...) and experiment sujects (mice, chimps, dogs, etc...)

I agree. Free them all. There's no reason for an advanced, "civilized" human society to treat living, sentient* creatures as products to consume.

*For bob's sake, please look up the word before replying with the standard Slashdot anti-animal-sentience nerd rage.

Comment Re:Make Good Use of Them (Score 1) 253

Rumour has it that Ford's deal is a fairly significant part. I'm not sure that he'd be interested in just a cameo, to be honest. He doesn't owe Lucas squat, and has done so much since then that he barely remembers those movies, so if he's on board, it's because it's worth it for him to be on board. Sure, his role won't be as significant as in Crystal Skull, obviously, but he'll get a few action scenes and lots of dialogue, I'm sure.

I just hope he's still flying the Falcon. It's not a Star Wars movie without the Falcon breaking down (again).

Comment Re:will be abused in 3...2...1... (Score 1) 106

Additionally, the person will have had to intentionally sync their card with their Twitter account to enable this in the first place. It's a stupid idea from a consumer perspective, although kind of brilliant from a marketing perspective, as now not only do we make purchases but we announce them to the world, but it's not nearly as prone to abuse as folks here are making it seem.

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