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Comment Re:A common annoyance, not just in gaming (Score 1) 349

I don't think registering a URL to an XML file does the trick.

The Linux distro's typically sign the packages, saying they were presented to the distro by someone they trust.

You need some sort of security in place, otherwise the system is effectively trusting all the web servers in all the URLs, and we know how safe web servers are.

But yes if Microsoft update updated everything, then people would have motivation for running it. Where as if it just updates a few system and Office - things that no one cares about till there PC is spamming - where is the motivation?

But it boils down to the same thing, trusting a single central authority, and since Windows users implicitly trust Microsoft, it might as well be them.


Submission + - Patch your DNS servers faster - Austrian CERT (

51mon writes: "Austrian CERT used data from one of their authoritative DNS server to measure the rate at which the latest DNS patche (source port randomization) is being rolled out to larger recursive name servers.

Whilst about half the traffic they receive is now using source port randomization, their data suggests that this is due to ISPs who roll out such fixes immediately and the rate of patching has fallen to disappointingly low levels since.

If your ISP isn't patched, perhaps it is time to switch.

Half your DNS belong to us."

Comment Re:A potential buisness model problem... (Score 1) 396

Let's face facts, there is tons of software that is not on Linux that people want.
You see the thing is most of the GNU/Linux installs I've done are because the software I (or my clients) wanted to run didn't run on MS Windows at all, and much of it still doesn't (or runs poorly - we fork() fork() fork() fork() fork() fork() fork() it is what we like to do).

So what you are saying is we should write non-portable must-have applications for GNU/Linux desktop, and we'll win the desktop share battle. Unfortunately for the adoption of GNU/Linux being wholly dependent on software that only runs on one platform is just the kind of situation many of the users are trying to avoid.

Submission + - Microsoft Offers Cash for Wikipedia Edit

An anonymous reader writes: Yahoo News: Jimmy Wales have blocked public-relations firms, campaign workers and anyone else perceived as having a conflict of interest from posting fluff or slanting entries. So paying for Wikipedia copy is considered a definite no-no. Microsoft Corp. landed in the Wikipedia doghouse Tuesday after it offered to pay a blogger to change technical articles on the community-produced Web encyclopedia site. Microsoft isn't the first to be blocked; after a some wrangling user MyWikiBiz was banned. Now the list of banned users is growing, has Wikipedida painted it's self into a corner — should the ban also apply to paid resarchers?
United States

Submission + - Gonzales actually Questions Habeas Corpus!

spiedrazer writes: In yet another attempt to create legitimacy for many of the Bush administration's questionable legal practices, US attorney General Alberto Gonzales actually had the audacity to argue that the US Constitution doesn't explicitly bestow habeas corpus rights on US citizens! In his view it merely says when the so-called Great Writ can be suspended, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the rights are granted. These statements were made while being questioned by Sen. Arlen Specter at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Jan. 18

While Gonzales's statement has a measure of quibbling precision to it, his logic is troubling because it would suggest that many other fundamental rights that Americans hold dear (such as free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to assemble peacefully) also don't exist because the Constitution often spells out those rights in the negative. It boggles the mind the lengths this administration will go to to systematically erode the rights and privileges we have all counted on and held up as the granite pillars of our society since our nation was founded.

Also of note is that virtually NONE of the major news outlets seem to be covering this development! A google news search for "Gonzales Habeas Corpus" turns up only 101 hits with no major outlets listed!

You can also See Stephen Colbert's coverage including excerpts from the testimony HERE, just select the third video down on "Exact Words"

One In Five Windows Installs Is Non-Genuine 481

snib writes "Microsoft disclosed Monday that, according to reports collected by the notorious Windows Genuine Advantage tool on millions of users' PCs, 22% of all Windows installs do not pass its validation tests and have therefore been deemed non-genuine. Quoting: 'Since WGA launched in July 2005, over 512 million users have attempted to validate their copy of Windows, Microsoft said. Of those, the non-genuine rate was 22.3 percent... [T]he Business Software Alliance... reports that 35 percent of the world's software is pirated (22 percent in North America)...'"
User Journal

Journal Journal: Sun SPOT: Enabler for the future?

eWeek is running an article on Sun's SPOT (Small Programmable Object Technology) that looks to be the start of something good, at least from the perspective of every geek that wished they had the tools to develop "the next big thing (TM)" in their basement.


Submission + - Security and Apache Geronimo's Future

BlueVoodoo writes: "A full-service application server like Apache Geronimo needs to have a full-service security implementation, and that means more than just supporting SSL connections. It means securing the internal requests made within an application. In this installment, David Jencks talks to the renegade about the current and future view of Geronimo's security implementation."

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