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YouTube To Pay For User-Generated Content 128

An anonymous reader writes "Speaking at the World Economic Forum, YouTube CEO Chad Hurley has revealed that the company plans to financially compensate users who produce and upload their content. With Google's purchase of YouTube last year, followed by more aggressive attempts to monetize the site (such as the deal struck with Verizon Wireless), it was inevitable that YouTube would come under pressure to share some of those fruits with ordinary users. But why didn't YouTube pay its users from the start? Hurley said: 'We didn't want to build a system that was motivated by monetary reward. We wanted to really build a true community around video. When you start out with giving money to people from day one, the people you do attract will just switch to the next provider who's paying more. We're at a scale now that we feel we can do that and still have a true community around video.'"

Submission + - Multi-touch: the future of GUIs?

malbrech writes: "Multi-touch, the wonder piece of Apple's iPhone may have a much larger future. An article in describes how the genious behind Multi-touch, Jeff Han, developed the technology for large screens and gives a glimpse into the amazing potential born by the touch paradigm. There is also a fantastic video showing the use of multi-touch in various applications. Yes, reminiscences of AI become alive."
Role Playing (Games)

GenCon SoCal Throws In the Towel 36

The official GenCon website is hosting the official press release with the news: the West coast GenCon is no more. Citing 'competing shows' in the Southern California area, the RPG convention is closing up shop so that staff can focus on the Midwestern/East Coast Flagship event GenCon Indy. In an open letter from Peter Adkinson, he states how much he regrets this decision, and describes the four years of the event as well as the decision-making that led to this state of affairs. In his long discussion of the event, he downplays the attempt to merge with the IDG event and the inclusion of videogames into the GenCon formula. Though it's not listed as a root cause, the death of E3 would seem to be having a ripple effect here as well. He makes sure to point out that GenCon Indy isn't going anywhere, and that this year's 40th anniversary should be an interesting one.

Using The GIMP (or Photoshop) to Improve Photos? 111

Nom du Keyboard asks: "Is it possible to use The GIMP (or Photoshop) to improve my digital photos? I have a mid-range 7.1MP Olympus camera capable of shooting in Raw mode. When I inspected a section of clear blue sky on a bright, sunny day (which I've long believed to be relatively good reference of uniform color and brightness) I was surprised (disappointed, since I expect digital perfection) at the variance in adjacent pixels. It's also a quick way to identify any bad pixels. Surprisingly, actual photos from this camera look pretty good despite this variance so far. Moving on from that point it led me to wonder that, if you shot a uniform white surface, perhaps blurred as much as possible to avoid any imperfections in the surface itself, could a correction (adjustment) layer be created in GIMP or Photoshop exactly tuned to your camera that fixed the variations in your CCD sensor and improved the image quality in the process. Any thoughts?"

Submission + - Swapping your video games

midjam writes: "How many of you have gone into a game store with your console games to trade them in? I know I have often, and every time I walk in the games store I walk out feeling like I've been ripped off. The trade price you get back from your games is a joke. They sell the games to you for say £49.99 but if you where to trade them in the next day you would probably get around £20.99. For this reason I have created a free video game swapping forum, you can add your unwanted games and see if anyone has a game you would like to swap. It is only in the UK as I hope to get enough people so you do not have to post your games, you could just find someone in your area and trade in person. It's been running for around 2 weeks now and things have been going great, 63 members and growing. The response I've had has been fantastic and some of the other members are also promoting it."

Intel 45nm Fab Process Launched And Penryn Preview 113

NinjaKicks writes "Intel has decided to make public details of their new 45nm manufacturing process and also has broken news that next-gen Penryn core processors are running various versions of Windows and Vista successfully. Penryn will offer a host of core tweaks over Conroe, larger cache sizes, and SSE4 support. Also, although clock speeds will be increased, processors based on Penryn should fall within the same thermal power range as Conroe. Word is Penryn will also be compatible with some of the existing motherboards on the market while others will need either a BIOS update or perhaps other board-level changes."

Submission + - Windows Vista: How Bad Is It?

Jason McMaster writes: "Giga Gamez sat down and talked with Developer Brad Wardell (who made Galactic Civilizations I and II as well as a lot of Windows tools) about gaming in Windows Vista. Wardell discusses the Games for Windows Program, DirectX 10 and the Games Explorer.

"When you get Windows Vista you're going to need to update your video drivers right away. If you're a gamer, there's no question about it. It's not a matter of "I'll get around to it." No, if you plan to game you'll have to update immediately. If you don't then your games are GOING to crash.""

Submission + - Why is DRM bad?

Tapd260 writes: There are a lot of comments on this website that say DRM is bad. Don't get me wrong, I support free software and oppose Microsoft's monopoly, but if the music industry wants to protect their copyrights, why shouldn't they? You can still play the music; isn't that the very reason to buy a CD?

Submission + - Open Letter to Raven and Activision

James Haley writes: "An organization of Doom community and game industry members have unveiled an open letter to Raven Software and Activision, Inc. requesting that the already-released source code of the games Heretic and Hexen be placed under the GNU GPL. This effort comes after several years of failed discussions via email and an online petition. The open letter can be found online at"

Submission + - Wii Modchip Announced

deadmantyping writes: The first modchip for the Wii, dubbed "WiiNinja", allowing the playing of backups has been announced. This comes shortly after the announcement of a method to backup Wii games. Photos of the modchip and videos of it in action were also made available by the developers. Installation requires dismantling the Wii (of course) and soldering 5 wires to the Wii's motherboard. The WiiNinja modchip will be available soon for purchase according to the developers.

Scientists Map the Human Metabolome 39

Cache22x writes "Scientists at the University of Alberta have published the first draft of the Human Metabolome Project, the chemical equivalent of the human genome. In the same spirit as the human genome project, the information has been made freely available to the scientific community and the general public through the project's website. Knowing the makeup of the metabolome will lead to potentially enormous medical advances as clinicians now have a comparative base for analyzing the metabolite levels found in our bodies."

Submission + - Censorship Hurt Google

WED Fan writes: "Google has admitted that being evil has hurt the company.

Google's decision to censor its search engine in China was bad for the company, its founders admitted yesterday.

Saying they were accused of reneging on their "Don't be evil" motto for bowing to Chinese government pressure."

Submission + - NASA Commemorates Space Shuttle Tragedies

eldavojohn writes: " is covering NASA's commemoration of the Apollo 1 crew & the last shuttle crews of both the Challenger and Columbia orbiters. The Apollo 1 crew was lost forty years ago today to a fire while testing their spacecraft on a launch pad. From the article, "While the nearly two decades separating NASA's three space disasters allowed room for the agency to grow complacent, the relatively short time between the 2003 loss of Columbia and the end of the shuttle program could avoid a repeat of such behavior.""

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