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Comment Severely missing the point (Score 1) 543

You guys are all missing the point. The ssn requirement is there because sprint will be running periodic credit checks on its customers. Sprint is probably subsidizing the phone and, internally, they must have customer activation goals to meet (like, the number of new customers who remain active after X months and so on) The credit checks are there because, as sprint subsidized the phone, you'll be actually repaying it back in installments through the phone usage fees. they could sell the device at full cost, but then wouldn't be able to force you to sign up for a 18 month contract. After you become a customer, the ssn is used for credit checks. If your credit score indicates trouble, then sprint will use that information to either try to get you to move to another plan or will send the collectors to get their money before you actually miss a payment. This is not about privacy, but about managing an instrument sale.

Comment Re:Financial fail ... (Score 1) 210

(and, I know you later said that the actual savings were higher -- but the point is, you should _never_ just multiply reoccurring costs or savings by the number of periods to get the equivalent present value, especially for periods of years.)

out of legimitate curiosity... why?

really, I just want to know the implications of doing so and what needs to be done to incorporate that information into financial models


HP's Fury At Vista Capable Downgrade 499

More documents are coming out in court proceedings over the Vista Capable debacle. has good coverage of HP's fury over Microsoft lowering the requirements for a Vista Capable sticker, at Intel's request. "Intel officials may have been pleased that Microsoft lowered standards for obtaining the company's Windows Vista Capable logo program sticker, but the same can't be said about HP's execs. 'I can't be more clear than to say you not only let us down by reneging on your commitment to stand behind the [device driver model] requirement, you have demonstrated a complete lack of commitment to HP as a strategic partner and cost us a lot of money in the process,' said one e-mail from Richard Walker, the senior vice president of HP's consumer business unit, to [Microsoft executives]." follows the trail of accusatory emails inside Microsoft from there: "HP's email prompted then Microsoft co-President, Jim Allchin, to send a furious email of his own to company CEO Steve Ballmer. Allchin's email suggests the decision to lower the requirements was made in his absence by Ballmer, following 'a call between you and Paul [Otellini, Intel CEO].' 'I am beyond being upset here,' Allchin wrote to Ballmer. 'What a mess. Now we have an upset partner, Microsoft destroyed credibility [sic], as well as my own credibility shot.' Ballmer, in turn, blamed another Microsoft executive, Will Poole, in a rather erratically typed reply to Allchin."

Submission + - Core jobs or Software line for Grad. students

Gaura writes: "Grads have these days both option open, either to go into software line or to do a core job. But mostly people keep both option open and go wherever they see better prospects. Same is in my case .I have both options I somewhat like programming but even core work (say for me Elec. Engg ), that is also quite fascinating. So interest wise there is not much problem. But better prospects for making a more bright and happening (kinda) career where there is more money and position , everyone desires pracitcally. So, how should I be seeing into this option that I can get into a better and eminent position later. Please count on different factors for me and others with same choice."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Emotion Engine chip removed from new Playstation 3 ( 1

xbox360cooldown writes: Sony decided to remove the Emotion Engine chip from the new Playstation 3 80 GB model. This chip enables backward compatibility with older PlayStation games. engine-chip-removed-from-new-playstation-3-80-gb-m odel.html The new Playstion 3 80 GB models will go on sale in August.

Submission + - Quad display setup over fiber optic

An anonymous reader writes: Looks like Matrox isn't as dead as some of us thought. This box of tricks lets you connect four displays up to a PC that's 250 meters away. All the graphic data is sent down a fiber optic cable to the Matrox box that then connects to the screens. To the end user it feels like they're working directly on the PC, but the PC can be locked away somewhere safe. /07/10/Matrox-Extio-Remote-Multi-Display-System/p1

Submission + - What do real people think about iPhone?

Pete writes: Over here in the UK we have yet to get our hands on the 'almighty' iPhone and while there are a lot of professional reviews and video from the US, we really want to hear from real users. What is it like to use on a day-today basis and is it annoyingly large or quite pocket-friendly? Does the EDGE connectivity cut it or is way too slow? Is the touchscreen interface easier to use than real keys? Finally, is it really worth buying one or should we stick to our trusty red phone booths?

Submission + - Sigbritt, 75, has world's fastest broadband

paulraps writes: A 75 year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been given a scorching 40 Gbps internet connection — the fastest residential connection anywhere in the world, The Local reports. Sigbritt Löthberg is the mother of Swedish internet guru Peter Löthberg, who is using his mother to prove that fiber networks can deliver a cost-effective, ultra-fast connection. Sigbritt, who has never owned a computer before, can now watch 1,500 HDTV channels simultaneously or download a whole high definition DVD in two seconds. Apparently "the hardest part of the whole project was installing Windows on Sigbritt's PC".

Submission + - Greek telecom operator cracked

Anonymous writes: IEEE's Spectrum Online runs a very interesting story >about a world class crack into one of Greece's mobile operators. The result: unauthorized phone taps to the Prime Minister and dozens other high raking Greek dignitaries. To spice it up the mobile operator's chief engineer committed suicide right when the scandal broke up. Wireless telecom networks have always been considered quite safe due to its wireless encryption schemes but within the wireline part of the network there's no encryption at all. The safeguards have always been the barriers to access it (who has TDM connection plug on the wall?) and to crack the system (who knows the AXE architecture and PLEX?). With the wide introduction of IP and Linux into the telecom systems do you think we will see more cracks like this? Do you think that this is a case where security by obscurity (TDM instead of IP, proprietary architectures instead of Linux) are an effective way to keep crackers away?
The Internet

Submission + - Sex, Lies, and Web 2.0: Cyber-schizophrenia? (

An anonymous reader writes: Technically it's known as 'the online disinhibition effect' – as in for example "web rage," the brutal rudeness, racism, flamings and the like that seems to arise only in cyber-safety. But this article adds another example of how the new world of Web 2.0 is fast altering the human psyche: some social network users, in a safe fantasy setting, are "transgressing" into a new sexual identity that has no necessary day-to-day link to their personas in 'real life.' Is this the advent of cyber-schizophrenia?

[From the article: 'Web 2.0 permits the construction of personal identity at different levels of 'personal privacy'...Internet culture now allows someone to express an 'abnormal' part of themselves ... without being obliged to include it in the self-identity that is designed to accomodate social or community expectations.']"

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft admits all 360s sold so far are flawed

An anonymous reader writes: CNN reports that Microsoft has admitted all xbox 360 consoles sold in the past 19 months suffer from a design flaw. But it does not have any plans to start a recall program.

It seems like everyone with a functional (like myself) are lucky. This seems to be a bad time for Microsoft. But as a 360 owner, I am glad they actually admitted this instead of denying and repeating their line on how the actual failure rate is very low.
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Journal SPAM: Separation

Separation has come before the real separation took place. I wanted to separate from her already in last summer. The reason I've been seeing her was my search for the curiosity with her in physical ways was over the agony to communicate with her in verbal ways. Recently I noticed my agony was overwhelmed my pleasure. It was already a matter of time for me to say good-bye to her. If I was able to see her almost everyday I didn't have to take such a long period to put an end to our relations. I

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