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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 109

I wonder where virtual ditch diggers fit in with all this?

I recently watched some show whose identity I forget which had a segment on a company developing self-driving trucks. The company had one driver. And a company developing a backhoe that trenches for you is going to need one operator. They're going to find the best operator they can find who can fit within their corporate culture, and then they're going to put the human operators out of business.

Of course, that's a complex job and we're farther away from having that than self-driving OTR trucks. But perhaps eliminating the human operator will make it cost-effective to put enough sensing gear on the backhoe that it can detect gas lines and the like before digging, which a human operator can't do with current equipment. You might even be allowed to carry less insurance if you use an automated trencher that checks with the utilities automatically before it starts any trench, and which does that kind of sensing to back it up since the maps are commonly wrong anyway.

Comment Re:Why is it always the workers that need skills? (Score 2) 109

Oh, that's cute. Executives don't have skills.

Many executives have proven that they in fact do not have skills, nor an understanding of the business they are in, nor the market into which they sell their products or services. That's why companies go under and get bought out by a superior competitor all the time.

Comment Re: Lowest hanging fruit? (Score 1) 109

Inferring what you have sounds more like a 4chanesque conspiracy theory than something supported by a reasoned consideration of the situation.

All I'm sure about is that her personal email server was specifically for the purpose of whitewashing history, and that they went ahead and took the opportunity to destroy a bunch of what they knew would be evidence if there was a trial. I don't know that they specifically intended to destroy evidence when it was created.

Comment Re:take my money (Score 1) 119

Radical islam will load it full of anfo with a remote camera and detonator and use it as a guided missile to wage jihad. Ford will be sued and the cars will be outlawed.

Except they'll both chase you and backtrack where you came from, how many terrorists successfully escape even if they don't do it as a suicide mission? They mostly end up in some kind of shootout/hostage situation shortly after, like the Boston marathon bombers, San Bernardino, the Christmas market attack in Berlin etc. so I figure for the most part jihadists will simply drive themselves. Failing that you can much easier make an "RC car" with a dummy, dash cam and a bit of hydraulics to push the pedals. Didn't someone essentially make that for $1000?

Comment Re:Lets see if we get this right..... (Score 2) 163

I just thought of a name for it: "deflation". It will NEVER work!

You know, there's this whole sham called "antiques", "art" and "collector's items" that often get more valuable over time and seem to be doing quite well as a deflationary market. You might say, well if they're getting more valuable why would anyone sell them? There's lots of reasons people choose to cash in and do something else. The only thing that's needed is the faith that people would always want to buy a genuine Ming vase or Picasso or Superman #1, if you end up sitting on yesterday's fad it might be landfill material. It's not great as your everyday trading currency because you want people to spend it rather than hoard it and a market where the product's value depends on the whims of public opinion is always volatile, but the market does exist and is neither collapsing nor booming to infinity. Not that it's a great analogy to Bitcoin, but it's not like deflation = FAIL.

Comment Re:"Rape" now means "sexual misconduct" (Score 2) 220

The most important goodwill he squandered is that of the U.K. justice system

No great loss there.

The other goodwill he has now squandered is that of the public in the west who now generally see him as a fugitive from justice,

Which was already predominantly the case, if they knew of him at all.

likely a rapist

With all the confusion over the issue, I don't think they think it's that cut-and-dried, but I haven't seen polls on the issue. You?

and the mouthpiece of any dirt Putin wants to throw at politicians/organisations.

That's probably the most damning accusation, but it has nothing to do with the rape accusation, unless you know differently.

Comment Re:Sweden was/is just sucking up to the US (Score 1) 220

Given that Putin wants to destabilize Western democracies it is hard to see Assange as a victim.

America is not a Democracy. It is an Oligarchy. You were doing so well until this point! Why on earth would any world leader not want America destabilized? Right now we're doing our level best to run the whole fucking world as our empire. We have military bases everywhere and if you don't do what we say, we'll fucking bomb you.

Comment Re:Sweden, make up your mind (Score 1) 220

The US system doesn't have a two-tier system and treats informal and formal arrest the same, requiring a trial charge and court order for keeping the person jailed during investigation.

Yes, here you actually need reason to believe a crime has been committed in order to incarcerate someone. That seems superior to me.

Comment Re:"Rape" now means "sexual misconduct" (Score 1) 220

He has burned all his goodwill by jumping bail & the U.K.>U.S. extradition treaties make extradition a mere formality for any that the U.K does not wish to defend.

Burned what goodwill? His supporters still support him and the American government always hated him, what do you suggest has changed because he's stayed in the embassy?

Comment Re:"worrying ... damaging the image of piracy" (Score 1) 47

Not to nit pick, but at $3 a gallon, if you get 20 mpg the theater would have to be over 16 miles away for gas to cost $5.

It is.

If I lived that far from the closest theater I don't think the cost of popcorn is what would keep me away.

What? You wouldn't drive for 20 minutes to go to a movie? In most places, traffic will bump any trip up to at least 20 minutes.

Comment Re:"worrying ... damaging the image of piracy" (Score 1) 47

Just the fuel to and from the theater costs five to ten bucks. Let's say you smuggle in snacks, but you bought them somewhere else. There's another five to ten bucks. Even if you are a total cheapskate bastard like me you're already hilariously close to the cost of just buying the damned movie when it hits disc, and you're at least at if not beyond the cost of streaming it even if you have to pay-per-view on Amazon or something. Maybe this is the comparison to DVD and not Blu-Ray, but I'll go ahead and take the resolution hit to gain all of the benefits you mentioned.

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