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Comment Re:Pillars (Score -1, Offtopic) 414

Except for the cold hard physical fact, that there is no such thing as “intellectual property”. Since you can’t own an idea. You can’t control it, you can’t take it away from somebody, and you can’t touch it. It’s like saying you own happiness and a bunch of “ouch”es. If you try to enforce that, they’ll lock you up in a room with rubber walls. Same thing for ideas/information/data. Those people who believe they can own it, are mentally ill.

Comment Re:Will not be surprising (Score 2, Informative) 414


DRM is physically impossible because it means giving the user the locked box, the key, and a list of commands for its cpu to make it pretend that the key only exists on every second tuesday, and then expecting the user to neither look at the key, nor touch the list of commands, before feeding them to its cpu.

There, fixed that for you.

Comment Re:No people complain when you over claim (Score 1) 427

Actually, it isn’t. Yes, the DB says it works. But it’s bullshit. I tried CS 2, 3, and 4. I am an expert and can hack up pretty much everything until it works. It’s the same problem I have with all Wine stuff:

1. There is a missing or buggy function in a dll.
2. You replace the dll with a native one.
3. But that native one also triggers a buggy feature in a library it builds on.
4. ...
5. You end up at the non-replacable internal Wine libraries.

The only stuff I could get to “work”, lacked major functions and could not be used for serious business.
I mean
music production
Video production
Desktop publishing
accounting/banking software
and Games.
Which is pretty much everything that’s not a special business solution software. Which works when it’s old, but not a chance when it’s new.

So, I’m really actually left with not a single app I need, that is in an acceptable state.

So unless someone comes over and proves me wrong, I consider Wine an early alpha that will always stay an early alpha.

Comment Re:I used to use wine... (Score 1) 427

If you can tell me, how to get
  Cubase SX 5, Reason 4, Reaktor, lots of VSTs,
  Photoshop CS 5, Dreamweaver CS 5,
  lots of games that are marked as “garbage”
running, then yes, I’ll kick out Windows too.

But it seems, I have not much of a choice.
I looked into Linux music making software. Sorry, but it’s all extremely limited crap. I’m on a pro level, and this stuff isn’t even semi-pro. I need a app, that can do midi and audio in one app, plus VSTs as instruments and effects. Especially good synths, drum machines and reverb effects. Oh, and without something like Reaktor, where I can port my custom synths to, I’m lost anyway. The Ladspa ones are just mind-boggingly bad.

Comment The single most important question of all: (Score 1) 427

I have a whole Windows XP installed on another partition. Why can’t the damn thing just get over itself, and use all those libraries and stuff, while just replacing the few core libaries that all the other libraries use to communicate with the kernel?

I know that this was possible in earlier versions of Wine, and it would make everything work 100%! Without a stupid reboot or slow VM.

Comment Re:what about a weird-arch linux? (Score 1) 227

Your imagination is weak! How about...

  • dog-eat-dog multi-tasking (who can grab the most resources, wins), with the kernel running in the outmost shell, being dominated by the apps
  • 9 bit “bytes”/chars, non- IEEE floating point with a structure that makes no fuckin sense at all, +INF and +0 being the same, but no -INF existing, overflow and underflow resulting in bitshifts, 27 bit words, with a fractal-reversion BIT (not byte) ordering that looks more like enryption than the same data,
  • pointers having 7 bits for the super-segment, 9 for the segment and 11 for the offset, starting from the top of the RAM for applications and the bottom for the kernel, but counting from the top end of the kernel space,
  • the kernel automatically trying to execute every segment (there are no separate data segments) loaded RAM as a separate task, in case it’s a program
  • A 7 bit address and data bus but a 144+1 bit CPU
  • Flippy (the chimp) — A kernel thread equivalent of Clippy, making weird assumptions “it looks like you are trying to corrupt your hard disk...”, but normally just flipping bits at random for “optimization”.

Comment Re:This is the best way to get people off of IE6! (Score 1) 142

No it is the absolute worst way. Since it is an enabler. It supports people’s lazy asses and weak spines. The lazy asses of those who prefer complaining to taking about 2 minutes to update their piece of shit browser, and the weak spines of the so-called web developers who prefer to spend 80% of their time working around IE bugs, because they fear they might lose a tiny bit of the dumbest of their users, because they would not want to upgrade. While at the same time those same idiot users update their Flash player about once a month without any complaint. (Why? Because the site does not work without it.)

I solved it long time ago. By directing IE users (ALL. No matter what version.) to a error page that looks exactly as if it were IE-internal. That page shows the actual facts of the problem. In that it tells the user that the browser is extremely outdated and can’t render modern sites like these. So they should update their browser.

Then, in Microsoft style, it lists a couple of solutions. Browsers that support current standards. And if that does not help, they can contact Microsoft, and demand to implement those standards in IE. The contact link goes straight to the right e-mail address for these inquiries.

It’s 100% believable that it’s a MS IE error, and it makes it clear, that not the site, but the user/MS is at fault.

But I guess it’s easier when you’re not a greedy bastard and therefore don’t count every last retard as your target group.

Comment Re:A good start, but... (Score 1) 117

Bacon, butter, sour cream, cheese... Why not go all the way, just leave out the potatoes, and pour pure fat into your throat? ;)

Reminds me of that German radio comedy of a fat German soccer coach: Remove the roof of your garage, and fill it to the top with frying oil and lard. Add 10 sacks of cereals, half a truck of pork rinds and a wheelbarrow of herbs to top it off. Let it harden, break away the walls, and your Spring Sports Energy Bar is ready! Mmmmmmhhhh....

Comment Re:Salt (Score 1) 117

And what do you think they eat? Hm? Smaller life that lives in the water. Which usually is animals which do the same. Or plants which live in the salty water. Also since fish also need water to “drink”, they absorb it too.

Your statement it so short-sighted, that even its own nose looks blurry to it. ;)

Comment Re:Very troubling (Score 3, Informative) 406

The wavelength is completely irrelevant for the question if it is a laser. A laser does not have to be in the optical or IR range. A laser is defined as a spatially coherent, narrow, low-divergence beam of electromagnetic waves. (If it’s matter, it’s a maser. There can also be others.)

So a spatially coherent, narrow, low-divergence beam of microwaves, is indeed a laser.

Comment But pure gameplay IS story telling! (Score 1) 79

There is no actual difference between story telling and gameplay. In that they are both experiences with the exact same structure (This one). Else it would not be fun.

Only that one is formed by defining generalized laws that allow movement inside the fun area, while the other is pre-scripted to the mindset of the writer.

The whole discussion about games “lacking stories” is pointless. Games are a generalization of pretty much everything we do for fun. Films, stories, art, sports, interesting contraptions, toys, learning... they are are subsets and aspects of what a game is.
So instead, it’s more correct to say, that stories lack freedom. And actually there is a free gradient between the two.

Also there is no big need to describe gameplay. As it’s actually always coming down to being the exact same thing. As in all stories too. That pattern is well known. Since the mechanics must work in that certain way, to be a game (or story) and to be fun.

Comment Re:Whitelist (5:erocS) (Score 1) 252

As as previously said, that’s an epic fail.

There is a character called “PDF” which ends all directional formatting. Put those around the comment, and you’re good.
Alternatively: Special formatting characters are nicely separated into their own blocks. Disable those, and you’re done.
I bet your language already has a library that handles it all and is proven over a long time.

Also, is it really a whitelist, if it does not allow more than ANSI plus maybe a five characters? I don’t think so.

I think I’ll just update my advanced /. xhtml editor, so it encodes things, to get past the limitation.

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