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Comment not this shit again! (Score 1) 173

Do you know why IE used a different DOM event model than everyone else? (attachEvent vs addEventListener, etc.) It's because they implemented an early draft and then never went back and updated it. Why should they? Their customers are locked in!

Well, HTTP 2.0 is DOM Events 2.0! IE and IIS will support HTTP 2.0 while the rest of the world scraps it (it's a turd in need of flushing) to work on HTTP 3.0.

Comment Re:Frosty (Score 0, Flamebait) 483

Like John F. Kennedy Jr? Fact: he was killed by a drone strike after George Bush secretly approved his targeted murder. Of course you won't hear about it because it was secret and there was no trial. Follow the power - John John was planning on running for the Senate in New York (after Daniel Moynihan retired). After he died, Hillary Clinton was elected instead. Of course, it turns out they fucked themselves over. Hillary was supposed to be elected President in 2008 but that obviously didn't happen. If Hillary had waited and run for Senate in Illinois (the backup plan), there wouldn't have been a Senator Obama and she would have been elected President in 2008.

Comment Re:I'd rather not use (Score 1) 521

It's not the text editor (vi), it's not the OS (Emacs). If my computer ran on smugness and body odor, everything would be fine, but no it runs on electricity. Fucking municipal electrity controlled by do-goody-good liberals that think brown outs and power outages are a good thing because electricity is evil, especially when it's affordable. (And yes, I have a UPS. It doesn't help when the shit hits the fan while I'm stocking up on cheetos or at the hospital for another heart attack).

Comment Ben Affleck? (Score -1, Flamebait) 58

First off, I loved your work in Alias. I hope it makes it to the big screen someday. Anywho, I understand you're married to Ben Affleck. Now, I assume he's homosexual and you're just his beard but wikipedia says you have three kids. Is Matt Damon the father? I mean, allgedly Affleck and Damon wrote Good Will Hunting together but we know it was really Matt (while Ben smoked up and ate cheetos). So I figure he probably fathered your kids and that asshole Affleck is once again taking credit he doesn't deserve.

Comment Short term: No. Long term: yes (Score 1) 362

Here's the thing... Tesla doesn't sell cars, they sell California ZEV credits to other car companies. (Kind of like how GM wasn't a car company, they were a health care company for retired auto workers that made money by flipping auto loans and sometimes made cars). If the ZEV credits dry up (changes in the law or other companies producing a popular ZEV vehicle), they're fucked and will need to find another line of business, ie manufacture batteries and operate charging stations.

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