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Comment Re: Whew! (Score 1, Insightful) 410

When you say something, it doesn't make it true.

Actual data on the subject says otherwise. And even common sense points out why this is true. When you make it more difficult for people to get something, it shouldn't be surprising that overall usage goes down a certain amount as for some people, the inconvenience of acquiring that thing outweighs their desire to acquire it.

Nobody thinks it will stop smoking entirely. But it will reduce the amount of people who start smoking.

Comment Re: Whew! (Score 0) 410

How about we forbid people ALL unhealthy behavior

Or in the real world of adults who don't poop their pants when discussing reasonable compromises on personal freedom, how about we set some reasonable compromises?

We collect some data, notice that when you raise the smoking age to 21, significantly less people start smoking when they're young, and call it a reasonable tradeoff on freedom to buy a product that is mostly known for being bad for you.

And we have laws on cars, extreme sports, and such. And those laws change over time, often times raising restrictions (and of course sometimes lowering them) when it's determined that it provides a benefit to overall safety and public health.

Comment Re:Vehicle Ban? (Score 1) 375

I doubt the purchase of a gas powered car will be impossible in France. There are basically no details at all at how they plan to ban gas powered cars, but chances are that there would be exceptions if you want to buy it for the purpose of putting it in a show room, or converting it to electric, or things that don't subvert the intent of the ban.

Point being, there are lots of rules about what things you can buy, and how you need to buy them. The barrier to owning things can be pretty high depending on what it is you want to buy. It's silly to assume in light of virtually no set details that the same won't apply to gas powered cars in France.

Comment Re:Vehicle Ban? (Score 3, Insightful) 375

There are a million things you're not allowed to buy. Your freedom of choice is basically an illusion. For instance, you're not allowed to buy a car that violates all kinds of safety rules. You can't buy many dangerous chemicals. You can't buy a bazooka.

Also, that's a great story. I'm so happy for you. I have no idea what you're trying to prove with it. yard power tools are not a significant source of pollution, so they haven't been targeted. If the point is that the market sometimes eventually selects products that are better for everyone's well being, uh, okay. But it doesn't say anything with respect to if it selects quickly enough, nor consistently enough. Your faith in the market is just that - faith that it solves problems that it demonstrably doesn't always solve.

Comment Re:Problem with solution (Score 1) 124

They use IP addresses (and other fingerprint stuff like browser agent, etc) - even if it's not always accurate, it's better than nothing. The worst thing they do is serve you an incorrectly targeted ad. You don't notice it, and those kinds of things just somewhat lower the effectiveness of targeted ad buys. There's an accepted, if difficult to accurately measure, margin of error in targeting that advertisers and ad publishers accept in media buys.

Comment for ordinary people, (Score 1) 253

long hours guarantee burnout but don't guarantee rising to the top.

Unless of course your management thinks of long hours a a form of sucking up; then you can "work" long hours and spend the time goofing off, guaranteeing rungs up on the company ladder without burnout.

But I question what you mean by "top of their field". Do you want to be very good at something, climb the company ladder, get rich, or be a Slashdot idol? Different personalities and strategies are needed for each.

And of course, a lucky break helps for all of those except the first.

Comment Re: Media trust. (Score 1) 48

This is a dumb thing to say on an article about a newspaper making corrections. If anything, there are no institutions more transparent and beholden to scrutiny than the press. I mean, if you probably shouldn't trust anything you read, if you can't figure that out, if only because you're a poor judge of information .

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