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Comment Re:Socialism on the march (Score 1) 696

Land and mining are already taxed. Localities already depend on nearly universally high property taxed to fund schools. The land owned by people for their homes is a liability and generates no income. You're pretty much proposing ending private property, as only the 1% and the government itself will be able to afford it.

Comment Google is on top of it (Score 4, Informative) 60

Had an acquaintance get hit with this and received the phishing attempt. Didn't click the link because of the red flags (non-specific document name and the TO address) but sent him a warning and a link to this story. He replied telling me he knew about it and their IT department was handling it. I replied back but it bounced. I changed the subject, removed the phishing link in the quoted email thread and it went through. Looks like google is blocking these messages from being sent/received at all. Fairly recent change as well.

Comment Re:So what's the issue? (Score 1) 216

So you're telling me that they should have owned the issue that they caused, and worked around it instead of putting the burden and blame on the customer? Why, that's like an airline unexpectedly needing 4 seats to get its employees to another airport on time, and thus putting them on a turboprop or in a company car instead of calling the cops to beat up the passenger who won't give up his seat!

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