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Comment Re:Are you trying to tell me... (Score 1) 164

What you're talking about has a basis in actual scripture, but was twisted by your prof (or your memory, or both). Jesus' example was actually regarding infidelity, which is something that many of us can more readily identify with (it can make it that much harder to be faithful to your spouse if you're allowing yourself to ogle hot chicks all the time). And ironically, Jesus said that it's what comes out of one's mouth, not what goes into it, that makes one unclean, so your prof's example is all that much more unsuitable.

Comment Re:Are you trying to tell me... (Score 2) 164

Or maybe it's because they've covered it already, and realize it's all extrapolation and speculation.

No, Christians do not believe Islam started with Ishmael. Christian theologians are familiar with Islam's claim on Ishmael, but realize that the religion was created by Muhammad ibn Abdullah out of tribal legends and what he learned second-hand from Jews and Gnostics.

Submission + - Alexa, shut up: Raging against the new machines (

Mr.Intel writes: Call it version 2.0 of banging on your keyboard or throwing a mouse at the wall. And now, the machine talks back. "Many of the interactions are you and the machine," Dennis Mortensen, founder and CEO of, says about most of the assistant products on the market. "In that setting, people tend to feel comfortable applying their frustration." This creates a new challenge for tech companies: how seriously should the products respond to the hostility?

Sherry Turkle, director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, says there's more at stake here than just the customer experience. Venting at machines could lead to a "coarsening of how people treat each other."

Comment Re: I took the bus once (Score 1) 588

So you weigh yourself after taking a dump to see how much your duke weighs, or what?

Protip: these items can be completed the night before:
- Weigh myself
- Take a shower (tough one, I know)
- Making lunch
- Taking out trash (I don't know ANY place that doesn't let you put your trash out the night before as long as it's after dark)

Comment Re:CPS may kidnap your child (Score 1) 588

This is a crisis the schools create on their own. There is a limit the school board determines is safe for kids to walk/ride on their own. Let's call that distance "x". Above a certain distance from the school, buses MUST be provided. Let's call that distance "y". If y!=x, then the school district should be held liable for child endangerment. Cutting bus service and making parents drop off their kids is unacceptable. And I can't rule it out... I'm sure there's some district somewhere right now that's getting away with it because people are lazy and selfish, and you can't expect government to police itself. But anecdotally, 100% of the people I know who "have to" drop off their kids really just "want" to do it because they're afraid.

Japan To Launch Self-Navigating Cargo Ships 'By 2025' ( 78

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BBC: Japanese shipping companies are working with shipbuilders to develop self-piloting cargo ships. The "smart ships" will use artificial intelligence to plot the safest, shortest, most fuel-efficient routes, and could be in service by 2025. The AI will also be used to predict malfunctions and other problems, which could help reduce the number of maritime incidents. The companies plan to build about 250 self-navigating ships. Shipping firms Mitsui OSK Lines and Nippon Yusen are working with shipbuilders including Japan Marine United to share both costs and expertise, according to the Nikkei Asian Review. The first ships will retain a small crew to oversee certain operations, but there are plans to develop completely autonomous vessels in the future.

Comment Re:Going in seems so pointless (Score 2) 226

OK, you get free food at work. You have a comfortable lounge.
  You are also within walking distance. I could see a lot of people actually enjoying working in the office with those two perks.

Imagine all the poor bastards who have to either pack their lunch or waste a chunk of their paycheck on take-out food, burn 30-60 minutes and a few gallons of gas in traffic, only to go to a cube farm with bad coffee and no place to relax.

So it is notable that you STILL prefer working from home!

Comment Re:Corporations are people (Score 1) 587

Stop trying to inconvenience the rest of the world just because you have a problem. And stop trying to project it onto other people. No, I haven't seen streams of men turning on their heels like Abe Simpson seeing Bart working the door of a brothel, just because a guy is already at one of the urinals.

Urinals use less floor space and less water. You can use the stall.

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