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Comment This is scary (Score 0) 144

Terrible news. And no pasteurization does not make me feel safer. If the stuff was found in dairy cows it would not be surprising if a similar bacteria was found in cows raised for food. And guess what, most people do not cook beef well done.

Furthermore, if cows become incubators of drug resistant bacteria (which seems to be happening), then it is only a matter of time before some drug resistant bacteria that can be transmitted by air mutates up in a cow's belly and gets transferred to a human handler of the cow. And then we have the deadly drug resistant flu of our worst nightmares and our most mediocre science fiction thrillers. It will be transmitted from human to human by air so it won't matter how well you cook your beef or whether you eat beef at all.

We just have to ban feeding antibiotics to cows, period. There is no excuse for exposing us to these risks.

Comment Re:What about game emulators? (Score 1) 132

"The GPL has no statements about the sale of products with GPL code,"

That is because it is assumed that when you sell a device with GPL code on it, you are distributing the GPL code which means that the GPL applies. When a store sells a computer with a copy of Windows on it, they are distributing a copy of Windows and they have to pay for the privilege and follow any contractual obligations Microsoft requires. The GPL works the same way.

Comment Obviously required by the studios (Score 5, Insightful) 321

For all the idiots that are going to complain about Google reneging on their openness promises this was obviously required by the content owners. There is no way the studios will allow any of their precious precious movies to run on a device without them being absolutely certain that they know where the data goes from the network connection to the screen and they can ensure nobody copies it.

Believe me, I know. I run Linux and there is no way to get any of the legal paid for movie services on my computer. iTunes does not work, Netflix does not work, the Amazon thing does not work. (I can only get free services like Hulu).

So it is not Google's fault, Google has no choice about it. In fact they are to be commended on convincing the studios to release their movies on Android at all, because I am sure Android's open source scares the hell out of the studios.

Comment Re:Part of a general pattern (Score 1) 426

Yes, and I am willing to bet that one of those cities was LA. The bastards in Hancock park completely blocked the subway because it would ruin their pristine neighborhood. And now we have a hugely expensive subway system which does not go anywhere near the west side of LA or the beach so it is kind of useless for most people.

So now we all get to enjoy the traffic.

Comment Re:Part of a general pattern (Score 1) 426

San Diego???? Why was San Diego an exception? I used to live in San Diego and believe me it sucked without a car. Yes they do have a trolley they are very proud of, but it does not really go anywhere, it just makes a lot of noise around downtown, and San Diego is mostly suburbs. Did San Diego get a city wide subway system without me noticing? That would be awesome, but I really doubt it happened.

Anyways you probably meant to say San Francisco.

Comment Re:Part of a general pattern (Score 2) 426

Energy from nuclear reactors is not cheap at all. Even if you try to ignore the risk of a disaster, nuclear reactors are incredibly expensive to build and decommission and the story of cheap nuclear energy is a pipe dream that was never realized.

Why do you think the nuclear lobby complains about Congress? There is no law on the books against building new nuclear plants. Of course you have to get the permits, but Congress does not give those out, the various government agencies do, and they usually do give out permits. There are already permits issued for several new nuclear plants in the US. No the nuclear lobby complains about Congress because they want money. Because the story about cheap nuclear energy is a lie and the private sector will not build a nuclear reactor without getting a bunch of taxpayer or electricity payer money to fund it.

Take another example natural gas. Nobody asks Congress to build natural gas reactors, they just build them. That's because they actually make money, which means people invest in them, so nobody needs to squeeze money from the taxpayer to make them. But nuclear plants are huge and expensive boondogles and actual investors are not dumb enough to invest in them. So they go after the taxpayer of course hoping that the taxpayer is dumb enough.

Comment Once again the Slashdot summary is misleading (Score 4, Informative) 1017

Once again the slashdot summary is misleading. I urge everyone to see the referenced video and read the article afterwards. They are very informative. However, I should point out that the slashdot summary makes it look like the New York Times article is kind of dismissing Lustig's video. This is not true, the article is actually mostly supportive of Lustig's theories while providing much more historical information.

Comment Re:Organic vs processed (toxic) sugar. (Score 2) 1017

If you look at the now famous Lustig video you will see that the difference is fiber. He said something to the effect, that in nature wherever God put the poison he also put the antidote. The antidote is fiber. Fiber undoes most of the dangerous effects of fructose. And in nature fiber is present everywhere where you can find fructose. Thus if you eat fructose with fiber, you will be ok, and it might even be healthy for you.

The problem with "processed" sugar is that it is usually processed to get all of the fiber out. So you eat it without the fiber and you get all the dangerous effects. I suppose if you could eat a head of lettuce simultaneously with every can of coke you drink you would be ok, but nobody does that.

This is all according to Dr. Lustig of course, but it seems pretty convincing to me.

Comment Re:Mac OS X (Score 1) 353

You do realize that apple had to use some of that unpronounceable "open sores" (HAHA) code to make their operating system work. They did not have a decent operating system until they lifted huge chunks of BSD (hard to pronounce, I know) code.

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