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Submission + - Registrars still ignoring ICANN rules (

stry_cat writes: Over a year ago ICANN moved to clean up mis-behaving registrars like GoDaddy They released this scary sounding advisory. However over a year later problems remain. One company is now publicly complaining. Some of the biggest registrars are slammed for their actions.

" is one frustrating company. The ICANN policy clearly prohibits blocking a transfer of a domain name that has expired but not yet been deleted. Despite that, a customer trying to transfer a three-day-expired domain name told us last week that they refused to give him the necessary code to allow him to transfer — unless he pays them to renew it first.

"GoDaddy (and their reseller arm, Wild West Domains) have a different problem. They still block transfers for 60 days after a registrant contact update, even after the ICANN update specifically prohibited doing so. They freely admit it, too. "

"We see a similar problem with many transfers from Network Solutions."

When will ICANN clean up these registrars?

Comment Happens Every Time (Score 1) 429

Every time a new version of Windoze comes out, we see a survey saying most places won't install the new version. So either most places are still using Windows 3.11 or they switched to Linux right?

Ok ok I know most places dont' upgrade every year, so it takes 2-5 years before the newest version takes over. So really this survey is nothing new and I wonder if it is even newsworthy.

Comment Re:"Postini"? (Score 1) 176

Take a deep breath dude, was trying to give you info that I thought might help. Now it seems that you've presented a moving target.

I don't know what the GP is thinking, but here's my thoughts...

At first I thought your help was awesome. But then I realized it being able to filter on From: is not the same as being able to sort on From:

For example...

Joe sends me email which gmail sends to spam. Since I know gmail does this frequently with his emails and that Joe sends me email once a day, I can easily use the filter to find his message in spam.

Now comes the problem. Sally sends me an email which gmail sends to spam. She doesn't normally send me email often so I'm not on the lookout for it. I won't even think to use a filter to find her email. Only by sorting on From: and scanning through the list in Spam would I ever find her email.

I don't think the GP is presenting a moving target. He needs to be able to sort by the headers, like you can in every other email program out there.

Comment Broken or Slashdotted? (Score 1) 174

The requested URL could not be retrieved

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The following error was encountered:

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This request could not be forwarded to the origin server or to any parent caches. The most likely cause for this error is that:

        * The cache administrator does not allow this cache to make direct connections to origin servers, and
        * All configured parent caches are currently unreachable.

Your cache administrator is webmaster.
Generated Thu, 02 Jul 2009 14:23:14 GMT by (squid/2.7.STABLE3)

Comment Re:You've already broken your search (Score 1) 1359

Mod parent up. This is the most insightful comment I've seen on /. in quite a while.

The more "services" the government provides, the more you're dependent on it. That alone will limit your freedoms. However as the above post points out. The real problem is by providing these "services" there's just more government around and it does what government does (attempt to control people).

Want government to provide health care? Next thing you know it will outlaw a bunch of "unhealthy" activities b/c treating the effects are too much for the government provided health care.

Want government to provide water, electricity, and other utilities? Next thing you know watering your lawn, turning on a light, or visiting certain internet sites will be illegal b/c it puts too much of a strain on the government provided system.

You're much better off finding a place with none of these services and fight to keep them from ever being implemented.

Personally I live in the US and have for 6 years been thinking about moving out. Unfortunately there isn't any place more free. However we're on the wrong track heading in the wrong direction, while there are a number of places heading in the right direction.

IMHO after a lot of thought the right choice is to stay and fight. Fleeing will not improve the situation in the long run.

Comment Re:English please? (Score 1) 281

PHP is not JavaScript.

In this day of over-specialization, I can see how someone would be a PHPnerd and not know anything about JavaScript.

Heck where I work, I'm pretty atypical in that I know not only PHP and JavaScript, but Perl and a number of other scripting languages. Most people just know one language and don't seem to have the ability to branch out beyond it.

As for what hulu is doing...
I'm guessing (I haven't read anything more than the summary like a good /.er) hulu is encrypting the video and on the same page in plain text is the way to decrypt the video.

Comment Re:PostgreSQL (Score 1) 335

The reason we use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL at work is mainly because the JDBC drivers for MySQL are GPL licensed, while Postgres' isn't.

Um... wouldn't that be a reason to use MySQL?


BBC Hijacks 22,000 PCs In Botnet Demonstration 457

An anonymous reader writes "'[The BBC] managed to acquire its own low-value botnet — the name given to a network of hijacked computers — after visiting chatrooms on the internet. The programme did not access any personal information on the infected PCs. If this exercise had been done with criminal intent it would be breaking the law. But our purpose was to demonstrate botnets' collective power when in the hands of criminals.' The BBC performed a controlled DDoS attack, 'then ordered its slave PCs to bombard its target site with requests for access to make it inaccessible.'"

Comment Maybe this was just a symptom... (Score 2, Informative) 600

Right after college, desperate for a job, I interviewed with Circuit City.

I had to go to the main place down near the city instead of out in Henrico.

First thing I notice is there are a bunch of people who look like a bunch of junkies hanging out in fron of the door.

I walk past that into the reception area. After a brief wait, a guy and a girl who I think were younger than me at the time, took me into an office for the interview.

As soon as I sat down they started reading questions from their clipboard.

These questions weren't the kind that would see if you knew anything about their products or could otherwise do your jobs. They were all about "If you saw one of your coworkers using illegal drugs in their home, what would you do?" With few exceptions they were all about drug use.

The last question was, do you have any questions for us? My answer was "Yes I do. Since y'all seem extremely interested in drug use, does Circuit City have a lot of employees with a drug problem? I certainly don't want to work in such an environment."

They gave me some BS answer about weeding out that kind of employee.

I walked out the door knowing I would not accept a job with them no matter what.

Of course they didn't call me either so I guess I didn't give them the answers they wanted.

Comment Trek fan and the new move. (Score 1) 169

I am a trek fan and excited about the new movie

Not possible. The phrase before the conjunction is contradicted by the phrase after the conjunction.

Either you're a trek fan and your horrified by the new movie. Or you're not a trek fan and are excited about the new movie.


Submission + - Italy tries execs for being employeed by google (

stry_cat writes: Four executives of Google — call them the Milan Four — are on trial in Italy for the crime of being employed by Google when an objectionable video was posted to a Google video site. The charges are defamation and privacy violation. The accused face jail time.

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