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Comment Re:Wonderful, just wonderful (Score 1) 415

They *are* in bed with big business. You should neither try to pretend that Democrats are actually good, nor that just because both parties are shit, the GOP can't be a whole lot worse than the Dems.

And I'm not a hardcore Dem. Imho Reagan was a good, perhaps even a great president. Republicans, WTF happened?

Comment Re:Wonderful, just wonderful (Score 4, Insightful) 415

Well, there's apparently enough difference that those "modern" Liberals voted against this fuck up in a 5:4 decision while the Conservatives thought it was only fair.

It was the same 5:4 for the money=free speech fuck up and you can bet your ass that corporations are gonna use billions of free speech to convince you that there's no difference between Libs and Cons.

Roberts+Alito always rule corporations>government>people, Thomas votes for whatever he thinks will piss off Democrats and Scalia goes by his conscience and strictly texturalist world view which, funny thing, just about always is the reactionary side. Kennedy is the "swing vote" but the swing is broken.

Comment Sidetab (Score 2) 343

Why don't they go for the sidetab version?

Let's take the article. Roughly 75% of my screen real estate is wasted. About 5% of those 75% is by the browser controls and the rest is white space because I like the majority of people out there have a widescreen monitor. They're not especially well-suited to text (unless you place a bunch of documents next to each other) with either

  • lots of white space,
  • hard to read lines of text that go on forever or
  • a cacophony of content next to each other. (A dynamic multi-column layout like a newspaper would be interesting but normally it's just three columns of ads)

So why are browsers locked in a fight towards absurd minimalism when there's huge amounts of space to go around. And with more and more screens going for 16:9 instead of 16:10 it's getting worse, not better.

Comment Re:Looking for Job (Score 1) 601

They could join the MS cheerleading squad.

Miguel de Icaza is absolutely psyched about this deal. It's a great day for OSS, not only is MeeGo effectively canned, Windows Phone 7 might just become a serious Android competitor. No wonder Miguel can't contain his glee.

If the Gnome founder can do it, why not some Symbian developer?

Comment Re:Oregon does not have sales tax. (Score 1) 811

Oregon is well aware that Intel contributes way more to the state of Oregon than Nike. Trying to "Tax them fairly" will result in the loss of Intel in Oregon. Intel is by no means getting no taxes. Intel contributes heavily to the local infrastructure and education.

Maybe, just maybe, the Glorious State of Oregon should just get rid of stupid taxes and replace them with more sensible ones. Applying taxes fairly is in our best interest because I'm pretty sure we couldn't negotiate with the state to lower our taxes.

If applying a tax lawfully, equally and fairly leads to disastrous outcomes then you should get rid of the tax and pass a new one.

Comment Re:PC Gaming Alliance is a Joke (Score 1) 163

Is DRM worth it? It's easily cracked (although the first week of sales generally dwarfs all others, so even a few days are nice) and it punishes paying customers while the pirates are unaffected.

On the other hand no DRM seems to have a detrimental effect on sales. Point in case: Ubisoft. First they used the usual crap, then they tried DRM-free games for a while. The lesson? Well, they built the most draconian DRM regime ever devised which should tell you something.

Pirates are cheap. Many may say that they don't buy a game just because of its DRM but if you get rid of it they'll just think of something else. Too many bugs, not enough money, "testing" it for 40+ hours, they'll always find a reason.

Pirates are also lazy. Yeah, it can be cracked but piracy is a numbers game and if you have to jump through hoops for one game and not for others then it'll reduce piracy for your game.

Pirates are also vain, juvenile and really lazy. So Steam with its easy of use and achievements works great, as do systems that require you to register and log-in online for "free" DLC as well as regular patches that add functionality (so pirates want them) and break known cracks.

DRM may be necessary but with a bit of lipstick and some makeup that pig can look really good. The trick is to implement it in a form that appears to give honest buyers more value than the pirates instead of less.

Comment Re:FF4 vs. Chrome? (Score 4, Interesting) 481

Firefox is the lazy and slow loser next door that's nevertheless lovable. Chrome is rich, refined and snappy but slightly creepy. It doesn't make you wanna leave it alone with your kids.

Firefox is slower (in my case it currently hangs for roughly a minute on start-up. Keep those windows open), has better extensions and the best memory management I've ever seen in a browser (used to be a pet peeve of mine, when they still sold memory leaks as features). Chrome has some great features if you connect to the cloud to socialize your AJAX relationships or something (e.g. you can treat browser pages like apps with start menu entries and stuff - although I always have to reload many manually after launch for it to work properly). It's fast and it will always be up-to-date. That's because Google puts its update service (pray to god that that's all it does) everywhere you can fit that stuff on Windows. There's the Autostart entry, the delayed start, the service, the IE plugin, the Firefox plugin, the Opera plugin and probably a few I missed. But don't be afraid that it's gonna spy on you. Many of the bleeding edge features (Google's new app-store) only work if you log-in with your Google account so they're gonna know every thing about you anyway.

That's what I mean with slightly creepy. Your neighbor might have never given you any reason to question his integrity but if he insists on going through your trash and wants to install a camera in your bathroom you're probably gonna be suspicious.

Comment Re:Status Bar??? (Score 1) 537

Oh, you still use a "desktop" or a "laptop". How quaint. Modern displays are 768p or less.

You have to go with the times, connect to the Cloud, man! If your browser doesn't run on something with net or smart in the name and a random vowel as prefix, they aren't interested in you. If you don't immediately shout every lifestyle choice from the roofs with Twitter and Facebook updates you are just not relevant.

Go back to your 8-track, gramps.

Comment Re:FF hangs on startup (Score 1) 266

I don't think that's the issue because it's not limited to cold startups. Launching Firefox repeatedly brings no improvement. It's also not the profile or the session because it also happens with a new profile for a new user.

Again, wouldn't it be nice if Firefox had a log file? Nothing fancy just the major steps? Yeah, I could get a debug version and run a trace and whatever but I don't see why I should jump through all those hoops. Instead, I'm gonna wait till full release and just switch to Chrome if it still persists.

Comment Re:FF hangs on startup (Score 1) 266

Thx for the reply. I thought safe mode was meant to disable those plugins?

And it's only Flash, Silverlight, Java and Acrobat. MS and Adobe certainly are capable of craptastic programming, but you'd think if some of those essential plugins produced something like this it would get noticed.

I tried bugzilla a couple of times and never had a good experience with them. With a lot of OSS software (SMplayer had a similar problem) I'd just hit the logs, but FF subscribes to the "It just works or you're fucked" creed.

Comment Been there, done that (Score 5, Insightful) 1128

in 1933 the German Conservatives decided to support Hitler as chancellor to destroy the Nazi movement by confronting its ludicrous proposals with the cold reality of real life government.

The Nazis decided that if their plans weren't realistic, reality would have to budge.

Not saying (not even implying, hi there FoxNews) that Palin's a Nazi, will create a totalitarian state of some kind or other. I am saying that candidate Palin could become president Palin and Democrats would have noone but themselves to blame.

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