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Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 2) 191

Quote: But if they are a large enough business (even if not a "monopoly", take Wal Mart for instance) does it really matter
Yes. I occasionally shop at WalMart. I wish they paid their employees more, but they're not "evil" by my standards - if someone gave you the option of getting $10,000 or having that money given to a WalMart employee, what would you choose? If you would choose the employee then I would call you a hypocrite - you always have the option of walking into a WalMart and giving money to employees.
If WalMart did something offensive to me I would shop elsewhere. I have a choice as to whether or not I want to give them my business/money. Contrast that with the government which forces itself on me and takes my money without my consent. If I chose to deny them my wealth they would send people to collect it by any means necessary up to and including killing me to get it.

Comment Ever used Sandboxie? (Score 1) 577

There are situations where your being held hostage - if you want xyz then you have to download and run this app. If you need xyz then your forced to comprimise the integrity of your system. This shouldn't be the case. Sandboxie has a system in which you can run those apps in a box, then choose what you want to bring over from that box (xyz) without bringing over everything (bad virus). I used this in order to get Minecraft mods for my son from evil websites like iLivid.
If sandboxie-like functionality was built into the core OS then it's a simple matter to fix issues on grandma's computer when she installs EVILVIRUS in order to get a recipe. If the gui is clean and clear then grandma can fix it herself. It also presents a clean system to the sandboxed app so the virus can't steal your private info.
If Microsoft had any sense "if(0)" then they would use this technology along with the containers idea from docker as their future installation mechanism. This also make differential backups much easier. It win win win all over the place.

Comment Compared to DK2 (Score 1) 25

Kickstarter begin 3 days be Occulus announced their Crescent Bay which has vastly improved resolution. I have a DK2 and as immersive as it is, the resolution is definitely an issue, and this is the same resolution as the Vrvana one. The cameras are nice though- the ability to switch between the 2 is useful. The only other thing that would be a god-send would be a 2d->3d button for when a 2d image is sent to the vr headset which you are required to see, but due to lens cannot.

Comment Re:When the cat's absent, the mice rejoice (Score 2) 286

This reminds me of an interview with the lead designer of Google Glass who was demonstrating that our current laws are problematic. If you were in a park streaming from your glasses and turned to look in the direction of a noise and saw a man raping a child, then you would be guilty of distributing and would face a worse punishment than the man who is committing the crime!

Comment Poor Math Skills (Score 1) 171

"there is about three times less lithium in stars than expected"
It's my pet peeve that people speak like this- it just shows that they don't understand basic math. If the researchers expect 1 trillion tons of lithium, then "Three times less" would be 3*(1 trillion tons). "Three times less" would be 1trillion - 3*(1trillion) = -2 trillion tons of lithium. OMG, this explains all that dark matter that we've heard about- there's anti-lithium everywhere!
The correct phrasing would be "A third as much as expected". I can't take articles like this seriously when it presented by someone who fails to understand basic math!

Comment Re:whistling (Score 1) 682

Nixon? Yea, right. If this was Nixon he would have handed over the tapes and resigned - LIKE HE DID. If Nixon was an Obamite he would have just said 'sorry, those tapes are gone. It happens. Nothing you can do now. Suck it'. We're reaching new lows every day.

Comment Re:Fox News? (Score 1) 682

Odd, at the company I work at those email's can't just be erased. They're on the servers, the backups off site, and those are backed up out of the country. 7 years by legal requirement, and probably longer because "We've got them in storage, why bother hiring someone to find and delete them?"

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