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Comment Re: Don't mess with my jetset lifestyle (Score 1) 232

Tax to cover cost? That cost you speak of is not a true requirement but rather only a fake requirement instituted by people who want to artificially change those who have power and those who do not rather than letting capitalism play out naturally. Socialist is what normal people label these people in question who are seeking to change the balance of power. What better way, other than your personal healthcare, to affect change than to create a wave of fear for a fake disaster like global warming? And not only that but to further the cause you deem any and all weather patterns and systems a result of global warming, even if they are normal patterns. Of course the goal is to subliminally get people to always think the cause for what they experience is the evil global warming that your socialist agenda is declaring a clear and present danger. If you can get people to band together to fight the invisible and made-up enemy then you can easily raise capital for doing a lot of things that go toward reaching the goals of the real agenda rather than the agenda used for maintaining the facade of caring about the planet, at the expense of human jobs (coal miners), family finances(charge more for dirty energy), convenient living ( not allowed to have that diabolical incandescent bulbs) , etc. The environmentalists and liberals bought it hook, line and sinker.

Comment economies of scale (pallet overtaken by container) (Score 2) 250

Although the pallet was great it was superseded, in my opinion, by the shipping container invented by Malcolm McLean who enabled economies of scale with his invention. I first head of him when Malcolm Gladwell spoke about him and told his story at TIBCO NOW conference last month. Here is the wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M...

Comment Creator vs accident (Score 1) 109

One part in 10^24 is why having a Creator makes a difference. One part in 10^24 is no accident. And some people still don't what to admit what created the Big Bang but there is no other answer. How much faith does it take to believe all this was an accident?

What about the "some 92 billion light-years worth of space contained in a volume of space no bigger than our own Solar System"? That was a miracle. Accidents don't "give rise to all the wondrous diversity of nuclear, atomic, molecular, cellular, geologic, planetary, stellar, galactic and clustering phenomena we have today."

Comment Re: Shut Up (Score 1) 568

"As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night." Genesis 8:22 The atmosphere *will* bear our "tampering", as you call it. Normal people call it simply using the resources given to us by our Creator. Abnormal people make up ideas to justify reasons for controlling others throughout many aspects of their lives. God made the laws of physics and all the others. They include the earth inherently having these warming and cooling periods. I know you hate that concept but it's true. So stop making shit up in order to justify wasting money and for having an excuse to call people stupid who disagree with the self aggrandizing behavior all your progressive friends suffer from when shoving these global warming claims down our throats. By the way, "tampering" is not the greatest choice of words on your part. If anyone is tampering its people like you who believe that whatever damages humans are doing to the planet have to be reversed, sometimes by actually trying to change the atmosphere directly. Now *that* is tampering. Stop being a progressive.

Comment Causation vs correlation (Score 0, Troll) 869

I think I'm going to create a theory that states if you point a laser pointer at space for a long enough period of time that it will cause more meteors to hit the earth.

Then when the rate of meteorites hitting the earth goes up I'm going to claim my theory was apparently correct.

I'm going to purposely ignore the reality that the meteorite rate could also be due to some other root cause because I need to convince people that meteorites are going to kill all of us and the planet if we don't do something about it.

I just hope that no one comes along who predicts that the rate of meteorite impacts will be just like what I predicted but will explain that the rate has nothing to do with any influence on my part but rather the rate increased simply because of a natural phenomenon. I should be safe though. The media will prefer the fear aspect of my theory, the progressives will be able to use my theory to impose unprecedented levels of control on citizens of my country to better align with other countries that are already moving in this direction of controlling cow flatulence, vehicle flatulence, house flatulence, etc. and evil corporations, which liberals hate when republicans protect them, will be able to make billions off this fake theory, which will make liberals and progressives who receive bribes and donations from the same evil corporations will become rich off it as they continue lying to people that my theory is true.

My theory will be the excuse people need who believe in total control by government. And I'll get rich by receiving money from these my own government and others to continue lying about my data and interpretations in order to counter valid claims my theory has been proven false.

Comment Proof of a "could have" (Score 2) 312

"Life Could Have Evolved 15 Million Years After the Big Bang, Says Cosmologist" And I could have gotten up on the other side of the bed today.....but I didn't. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.... So again there is no proof. Just assumptions that must be true otherwise the lies become exposed and you all look like fools. That can't ever happen so the lies must be perpetuated. But at best we just hear "could have", "must have", "may have" to represent the extent of "evidence". Pathetic and yet you people hang on every word of these scientists so long as they continue giving you the slightest sliver of hope that you won't have to resort to acknowledging a god may exist that created everything instead of chance. Quit putting faith into Man trying to create a theory specifically to deny the existence of a god while accusing those who do have faith in the same god of being stupid for having faith in something they cannot see. Normal people call those people hypocrites. Carry on with believing in the load of lies that Satan throws at you. And may God have mercy on your souls for being so ignorant.

Comment Re:Happy Wednesday from The Golden Girls! (Score 1) 93

It's used when you don't want to be too precise about such things.

It's used when you want to read more into something than you should (hint: there is only 1 kind of human, there is no "modern" vs "early" human) specifically for purposes of spreading doubt about Creation and facts (but not evidence) that attempt to explain a theory that has yet to take shape. There, I corrected that for you.

Researchers extracted mitochondrial DNA from the femur of a 400,000-year-old hominin

By the way, did anyone verify the measuring "stick" used to verify the 400,000 year age of this bone to ensure the measuring "stick" was itself accurate? I didn't think so. Carry on with your delusions and your faith in something that can't be proven by the best scientists that mankind can offer.

Comment deny free will? are you suddenly unable to choose? (Score 0) 401

I'm unsure why some people deny the gift of free will. I guess because indirectly it allows them to deny the existence of a Creator who gave us that gift because they hate all things religious. It may also give them the ability to do whatever they damn well please by using the excuse they couldn't help themselves (i.e. weak minded). Criminals try taking advantage of this quite frequently. Many people like to view free will such that they have choices concerning whether or not to do something good but that free will magically stops at those actions which are evil. Again, that merely just proves they would prefer to satisfy their own agendas and bias to avoid punishment, retribution, etc. for their bad/evil/immoral/unethical actions brought on by their choices. But in the end, if you don't believe in free will then what's the point in having any moral code whatsoever? If you don't believe you can control what your mind tells your body to do then you should be able to argue that you have no reason to be held accountable for any wrongdoing, whether deemed wrong by you or society. Therefore what's the point in deeming something moral if you can't be held accountable for the immoral?

For those who deny free will, I ask you to prove it. Every decision you make on a daily basis proves you have free will. The mundane decisions in our lives don't disprove my statement. The fact that someone who knows you may be able to guess what your decision will be for any given choice doesn't force you into still making a specific choice, because you may still change your mind at the last minute. For the times when your friend is right when guessing what your choice will be it simply shows they know your tendencies and can infer based on their knowledge of you what you will choose. But *you* still have the final say. This is true despite your current emotion and is true despite your DNA, contrary to what criminals and homosexuals (notice 2 *separate* categories: criminals and homosexuals) would have you believe.

Free will is our greatest gift and it is also one of the fundamental properties of being a human being that so many people would prefer to ignore or outright deny as fact. Let me put it in the most basic terms possible for the laymen who choose to deny it: if we, as a species, didn't have free will, none of us wouldn't have the ability to choose when to wake up in the morning, when to eat breakfast, when to go to work, when to take vacation, when to take a new job, when to buy a new car/house, who to work for, with whom to go on your first date, who first to kiss, with whom to first have sex, whom to marry, etc. You may think that you can disprove the existence of free will by merely believing in [the Christian] God long enough to argue that if He is all powerful and has a plan then He is what defines what happens to us but you would be wrong again in your incorrect understanding of Christianity because even if He, for example, presents us with a new job opportunity He still leaves the final decision to us. He can't force us to accept the new job. Just as well, if Satan tempts us with drugs or money, we have the same free will to accept or deny those material desires. The mere fact that we have decision-making capability dictates we have free will.

More importantly, free will is completely separate from instincts and that is why humans are not animals. Of course, many people would prefer to deny that because again, it would lead to a mental conflict that involves having to accept the existence of a God that created Man and beast as separate entities rather than a natural process called evolution that created both as one in the same. Animals can only act on instincts; Man however, can choose whether to kill based on his moral compass. Only Man is held accountable for those same actions. A lot of people *hate* that they are held accountable to a higher power so they simply deny those concepts/theories/etc. that lend credence to a Creator and instead believe in those concepts that support their personal worldview of how to live without a higher authority that will eventually judge them, having naively rationalized that their choice (GASP! free will strikes again) to not believe in a God somehow would change God's rules. Satan gains a little more power every time a human believes they can outwit the system because that's one less person to follow God. Does failing to outwith the "system" (i.e. God's plan for us) mean there is no free will? No, it simply means one has chosen (by free will) whether to take God's side (and abide by His plan and rules) or to take their own path as influenced by Satan by outright denying God, creating their own moral code, denying they have no free will to do what's right/wrong, etc. Anyone who is against God is implicitly for Satan, whether or not they believe in either one.

Comment Re:Do not understand this. (Score 1) 814

So the real issue you have is that other people have a problem with your decision. Okay, that makes sense and I'd be pissed off if someone had issues with a choice I made and went so far as to chastise or persecute me for it. If I know ahead of time that there are, unfortunately, ignorant people in this world then that needs to be one of the factors I take into consideration for making a decision and acting on it; that's just a fact of life. There are, however, people who will disagree with you on fundamental grounds that it is still a choice to change your sex. They won't persecute you for it. They will still accept you as a person but that doesn't mean they have to accept your decisions or your choices, nor are they obligated to do so. You may claim that lack of acceptance in and of itself is persecution but you would be wrong. It's called disagreeing. And it is a part of everyday life that everyone needs to realize and be able to recognize so that person who are surprised that not everyone accepts their actions (I'm still only talking about the people who do so respectfully) don't go crying back to mommy or the government demanding that person A or group B who disagreed with said action be punished for the disagreement.

These statements also are true for the LGB portion of the LGBT group.

If you want to share your side of things with someone who can relate to the problems you face, try talking to a Christian sometime, specifically one who has been chastised for their beliefs, ridiculed, silenced, maybe even attacked physically (because they are expected to not fight back and then are ridiculed if they do).

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