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Comment Teh Google! (Score 1) 6

I always referred to the earlier engine as "Infosuck" but damn, Google's getting bad. When I open Google News in Firefox on my tablet, I get a blank page unless I click "request desktop site" and then it still goes nuts. But then, it might be my crappy tablet that I'll probably write about.

The answer is Google broke Google. I've been getting served a misandrist site from there, Breitbart (famous for its fake news) and wingnut sites from both wings. Did Sergey retire or something?

Comment I had no idea (Score 1) 3

Not until I was at S/N earlier and someone journaled about it. Lately I never visit /.'s front page, just friends' journals. The comments on the main page have just gotten too damned retarded.

Slashdot seems to not be for smart people any more. To misquote 2001: "My God! It's full of morons!"

Comment Re:Hire a music major as CIO... (Score 1) 127

The worst code I've ever seen came from some clown I never met, no idea what his schooling was. There was some really strange shit in his code, like declaring a global array of a hundred ints called "constants", filling it with the values from 0 to 99, and then using "constants[whatever]" anytime he needed a constant value in the code.

I asked my customer what happened to the guy (he was long gone by the time I got there), and found out that he'd been shitcanned for getting drunk at the office christmas party and punching a girl out.


Comment Re: Hire a music major as CIO... (Score 1) 127

One of them has composition and conducting degrees from Juliard, and a BA in computer science from Rutgers. One of my early mentors was an organist, with a music degree from some very small college whose name I don't recall, and he leaned what he knew about writing code entirely on the job.


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