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Comment Re:Ethical hackers (Score 1) 79

You'll also need to have a deadbolt on the door, the door needs to be steel, and you'll need bars on the windows. Now you're up to the level that it would take a middle school kid to break in and it'll take time and make some noise, or a high school kid might manage to pick the locks.

You're pretty bad at home security, it seems. Do you deserve to get cleaned out? I'm guessing you'll say no, and you'll be right. Same way nobody deserves one of those crypto extortion attacks.

Comment Re:Contributing fixes.. (Score 1) 140

You're assuming a target. If they are targeting smart phones, most of the upstream packages don't have a big impact, and a lot of them don't have ANY impact. If they are targeting IoT devices, there's even less effect.

It's not clear to me that they are developing a general purpose distribution. I only did a tiny bit of search for it, but I didn't find anything that mentioned it, so my guess is that this "gLinux" is for some internal use...and that could be pretty specialized.

Comment Re:Fuchsia (Score 2) 140

Also, I notice that gLinux isn't listed at Distrowatch http://www.distrowatch.com/ . It may be based on Debian testing, but it doesn't seem to be publicly available. This causes me to wonder what the differences are. They're within their rights, of course. but ...
And, of course, perhaps it's just too new to be listed on Distrowatch.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 148

When they first started out their announcement said they intended to become a working replacement for Windows95. I was quite disappointed when they started tracking MSWindows versions rather than finishing compatibility.

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