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Comment Re:This bothers me (Score 2) 335

I live in the US and have a car with ridiculously good gas mileage, where I drive 60 miles every day. When I lived in another country, NOBODY did that (and personally, I walked about 10 minutes to work). In the US, that sort of commute is very common. Having a car that is 25% more efficient in a country with long-ass commutes and an addiction to freeways is a false economy.

Solar power is cool for the future. So far, it isn't a significant factor. Not running your AC is more environmentally friendly than having energy efficient electricity, and yes maybe the US shouldn't be building so many homes in the desert in the first place.

Organic local produce is bad for the environment. Transportation is so cheap and efficient, the amount of fuel to ship food on a ship or train is trivial. Environmentally, it makes more sense to grow in places which can grow efficiently and then ship the food, than to grow tomatoes in Minnesota.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 1058

Why? If electrical cars are cheaper to purchase and operate, wouldn't poor people be more likely to buy a new electrical car than a new gas car? He's not saying that all gas cars will go away, just that electric cars will be so much cheaper and better that the large majority of people will want to buy electric cars.

And wouldn't you? Electric cars drive fine. If an equivalent electric car became $5K cheaper than the gas version, I think just about everybody would opt to save the $5K.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 486

Study after study shows that over-weight people believe they eat far less calories than they actually do.

But even if it's true that you have a miracle metabolism, obviously at some point if you just eat a piece of bread a day you will look like a concentration camp victim. Try to find a happy medium between what you eat now (you look ridiculously fat) and eating so little that you look like a concentration camp victim. Maybe just take your current diet and halve it. If you care enough to "diet" for five years, why not go a step further and do something that will be actually effective?

Comment Re: Why YouTube isn't a substitute for streaming m (Score 1) 80

Obviously they're profitable on some level, or the musicians wouldn't be signing the contracts. At the very least, record companies are able to promote artists. 99% of musicians are not great artists, they just have a studio behind them giving them support.

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