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Comment Fuck you all this show is good. (Score 4, Insightful) 278

This show is more of an authentic Star Trek than the recent movies, is a fun watch, and is approximately 300 times better than the first seasons of either Next Generation or DS9.

God damn I remember people on Slashdot bitching after episode #1&2 that SJW this and Gamergate that - a female crew member named "Michael" was obviously a concession to, I don't know, transexuals or ungendered bathrooms or something.

Comment Re:That's because... (Score 4, Insightful) 453

But from a biological standpoint, no one can say that it can scientifically be positively correlated to the replication of the species

You repeatedly speak in absolutes ("noone can say" - "biologically homosexuality is bad") when there isn't cause for it and there certainly isn't a scientific consensus. You imagine a PC agenda propagating homosexuality as good for the species, when that really makes no sense.

Homosexuality is common throughout nature. While biological dead ends do make it through the process of evolution for a long time, homosexuality is so endemic that it seems that it must have some positive impact on the species, or it would have evolved out. The theory isn't there, but empirically nature has shown it to be true.

Comment Re:They recommended my exploding Samsung washer to (Score 5, Insightful) 106

Not really. If Toyota releases a mid-range commuter car you can assume it will be reliable due to the company's history and that the vehicle is based on established technology. Likewise, if Ford releases a fuel-cell sports car, you can assume it will be less reliable.

Microsoft has a history of making shoddy hardware, and the fact that they've upgraded the latest model doesn't mean they get to start with a completely clean slate.

Comment Re:Not Another Story About Driverless Cars (Score 4, Insightful) 208

The sort of person who lives at point A, and works at point B, and has to get up in the morning to drive the same route from A to B and then later in the day drives from B to A every day. Driving is an hour and a half a day (mostly) wasted. If I could sleep or work or jerk it for an extra hour and a half every single workday, I feel like my quality of life would be improved. Just that alone would be an extra 400 hours/year.

Comment Re:Self driving tech is a waste of money (Score 2) 208

That's absurd. Trains full works great for a city like London or cities in the US already serviced by trains. It makes no sense at all even for the Bay Area, and then when you get to flyover states - WTF, who would full trains coming by every two minutes make sense for the typical US small city with extended suburbs?

Comment Re:Missing the Mark (Score 1) 86

I want VR for looking at 360 videos/streaming. I find it much more immersive than a standard 2D photograph/video. Some kind of Facebook where people could share that stuff would be awesome. I'm not opposed to the idea of VR games or some kind of VR Second Life, but that's not what particularly interests me, either.

The controllers do seem game-focused, so maybe you will get your wish. Just don't confuse what you want with what everybody interested in VR wants.

Comment Re:who pays the shills? (Score 0) 164

You have mental problems. Seriously, your recent post history also has you posting 20 times in anotehr thread accusing people of being Chinese shills (and Hillary Clinton shills) and now this long rambling post about people being paid to talk bad about Linux on an obscure website frequented by old IT professionals...

Get off the site (which is feeding your paranoia) and get help.

Comment Re:Powered by ... what, exactly? (Score 1) 349

Yeah, I think this is a legit (if overblown) concern with the 80 miles range cars, depending on how far you drive. But once you get to 220 miles (like the low-end version of Tesla 3), who spontaneously drives 220 miles?

Furthermore, at least in the Bay Area, there are several hundred chargers in the city I'm in and surroundings. Including a bunch of them at my work. So if by some chance I do run into an emergency it's not really a problem.

There's no denying that having the ability to quickly re-fuel is an advantage of ICE. But on the other hand, being able to charge the car overnight and start each day with a full tank is an advantage of EVs.

Comment Re:Powered by ... what, exactly? (Score 3, Informative) 349

You and your wife both drive 150-200 miles/day? Like, 60,000 miles/year? While consuming only 11kWh/day for your home? Surely your numbers are off...

Either way, if your home is capable of running a clothes dryer you should be able to re-charge electric no problem. I drive 50 miles a day (which I consider a pretty shitty commute) and recharge off a standard 110v no problem.

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