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Comment Re:What grounds? (Score 1) 973

The U.S. has been imprisoning and killing outside the law long before 2001. For example, we had concentration camps for tens of thousands innocent U.S. citizens in the 40s, we mass murdered thousands of innocent SE asians (and those were our ALLIES, not enemies!) in the 60s by deliberately killing their crops to force the survivors to move to cities under our control (and maimed hundreds more because of impurities in the defoliant used)

Comment Re:Remember when you're reading this... (Score 0) 214

That's not "climate instability", and these floods and weather have happened before where you live, again and again. Don't fall into the trap of believing climatologist nonsense, who after the facts pull out one of thousands of models and say "oh, see climate change will cause floods!" when four years ago it was "climate change will cause droughts!" And in a violent hurricane season (which has happened cyclically for millennia) they'll say "oh, climate change will cause harsher hurricanes!" utter rubbish, not climate, unscientific garbage.

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