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Comment Re:Holy shit? (Score 1) 950

We were budding practical engineers in school i guess. Steel slides only affected the stupid.
we learned early that if you scooped a bunch of sand on the slide and rub the whole thing with a shirt or jacket, effectively scouring the slide with sand that it would cool it down enought to where we could slide without burning.

but these days there is no sand on the playgrounds. so i guess the kids can stay functionally retarded.

Comment idiot (Score 1) 13

that woman is poison.
but you know that.
have fun recovering

i hate to be mean but I hate it when people willing go into stupid situations for poon.

Comment Re:pork t's (Score 1) 4

It's been 11 years since i worked down there. I'm in Normal now.
The company i worked for had a contract with IDPH and we were on the road almost everyday of the week. We had a list of all the daily specials in every town in Illinois. I wish I'd have kept it.
Anyway. We used to go to that place, Jims(? the race themed place) on 9th street. Shakey's buffet was always a go to place. The guy that ran that place was good.
Food was the only thing i miss about that job.

Comment pork t's (Score 1) 4

I remember when I couldn't find a fried pork tenderloin sandwich outside of that area. I used to live in J-ville.
I'd go to a hardees someplace else when I travelled and it wasn't on the menu.
My favorite pony-shoe in springfield was at the place of the wabash curve that was in the quonset hut. No clue what it's called these days.

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