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Comment Obvious: Use a hoster. (Score 1) 382

The solution is obvious - just use some $1/month hosting company and spare yourself the stress of managing something you don't (want to?) understand and the embarassment of 2500 people seeing you fail.

Not being rude, just not understanding why you would want to do that. Oh, and I'd rather go with a minimal FreeBSD installation with added Apache, PHP and MySQL instead, but that's purely CLI and therefore not what you want, plus it's not Linux. But I've used FreeBSD as web servers for more than a decade and am really impressed with the security and uptime.

Comment Google Images (Score 1) 689

google images "penal scrotal webbing"

I did as you said, and googled for it (including the quotes), and it just returns one image - the Austrian Pastafarian driver's license.

Way to go. How you found out he not only has the thing on his head but also what his scrotum looks like AND feed it all to Google is beyond my imagination. You sure are one of those brilliant LULZSEC hax0rs. ^^

Comment Re:"a simpler way to find applications"... (Score 1) 370

By now some AC has posted what looks like inside knowledge, some of which covers my questions - there will be a way of creating a bootable USB stick or DVD from which one can install. I'm on 10.6, so buying online will not be a problem for me.

I was rather fearing that 10.7 would be the double-installation joke you propose - first set up an old OSX and install the new one from there. But that doesn't seem to be the case. I mean, hey, all they have to do is have a first step in the installer that says "now please insert a blank DVD so we can burn your installation medium". :-)

Comment Re:"a simpler way to find applications"... (Score 1) 370

Oh, that's OK then.

No, it's complete bullshit. How do you download from a borked machine? How do you boot and restore from your Time Machine backup? How do you reformat and install from scratch? (Please don't tell me they're starting this "service partition" crap.)

I sure hope they offer real media, even if they do at additional cost. At 30 USD for the OS I'll happily pay ten bucks more for packaging and media...

Comment Re:The other thing people dislike about Apple (Score 1) 194

This makes all the G4 and G5 devices out there all but useless...

You mean those G4's that came out in 1999 and those G5's from 2003, making them 12 and 8 years old? Which happen to run just fine with OSX 10.5?

I'd really love to see your 12 and 8 years old PC hardware in use, and performing as well as my G4 with OSX 10.5. I gave it to my niece two years ago who to this day is really satisfied with it, using it for her everyday computing needs. It doesn't feel slower than her brother's Vista notebook, to fuel the flamewars. ;-)

There are lots of reasons to fret about what Apple does with the iDevices, but still talking about PPCs really is ridiculous.

Comment Re:In my day... (Score 1) 368

You know, you're getting modded "Funny", but actually this is +5, Insightful. But only because +5, Sad But True doesn't exist.

People don't understand how much better it is to control your own information. I sure hope something like Diaspora or Appleseed will give people the best of both worlds one day.

Comment Re:The other way around... (Score 1) 250

On the other hand freebsd has an awful packing system in my opinion

Nah. pkg_add -r [packetname] installs binary packages just as with apt-get install [packetname].

But I agree BSD is a bit lacking in documentation of everyday tasks such as upgrading software (both in ports and packages). For example, there's a multitude of ports dealing with port upgrading, but I find none of them intuitive. For some I never understood of which parts they consist and how to use them. In the end I just asked a BSD-savvy friend to set it up for me.

For the record, that was on 6.0 and it might have become better, but said 6.0 installation still rocks like gibraltar (it's a web and mail server), runs the current versions of everything (except FreeBSD itself, obviousy *g*) so there's no need to upgrade. I plan on playing with 8.2 when I have the time, but that's what's great with BSD - it runs and runs and runs and runs...

Oh and BTW, my old employer is still running the FreeBSD 4.8 box with exim as a mailserver. If my coworker didn't lie to me, it now has uptime of around five years of pretty heavy use.

Comment Re:Not necessarily (Score 1) 487

What a great idea. It's a pity though that businesses will never use it because of its name. Can you imagine "monkeysphere compliant" on a product website? There you go.

A great example on how to have great stupid names: "Bacula" is a pretty clever stupid name that businesses never ever will understand. It's the plural of baculum ( Always makes me grin when I see it in a corporate environment.

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