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Comment Re:Before we start the flame wars (Score 1) 962

What do you mean? Anyone could just look up in the sky and directly observe the sun and moon going around the earth. Currently the best supposedly scientific ideas of biogenesis are thrown out there with FAR less supporting evidence.


If we're talking about true science as being verifiable, then a lot of what is currently taught in the name of science (from biology to evolution to physics) falls outside of that realm. Ideally, those things should be correctly labeled as theories until they can be and have been verified. They generally are labeled as such by the more astute educators, but there are still plenty who teach them as facts as though science has remained stagnant for hundreds of years, and many more who will just absorb whatever they're taught or read as fact without a second thought.

Comment Re:Obstruction of justice (Score 1) 597

People would rarely use "most" for less than a 2/3 majority, and a lot of people (but maybe not "most" of them ;-) would consider you dishonest for saying most in that case. Usually, "most" means something like "all but a small number", i.e., close to but not "all".

Huh? Please consult ANY English Dictionary. :) 'Most' is a superlative meaning the one that is the GREATEST in number, amount, extent, degree, etc.

When you're talking about a binary variable (only two categories as here), then 'most' means a strict majority. If I have two containers and one has 10 jellybeans and the other has 9, I really hope you can determine which container has the MOST jellybeans.

Just my $0.02 :)

Comment Re:Endless vs. infinite (Score 1) 301

There are different sizes of infinity, and therefore it is entirely possible for an infinite task to grow into a larger infinite task.

I don't see how really. The different types of infinities are different in their basic nature. For example, you can start with an infinite set with cardinality aleph0 such as the integers, and let that 'grow' all you like, taking that infinity multiplied by that infinity, raised to the power of that infinity, etc. and you'll still never get to the next 'larger infinity' with cardinality aleph1 such as that of the real numbers. They're just a fundamentally different animal. It's the difference between discrete and non-discrete.

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