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Comment Re:Sigh (Score 4, Insightful) 57

By supporting this bundle you are supporting open-source educational software and the project (AbulEdu) that is making the development of this software possible. If you don't feel like these particular programs are worth your money fine, but at least the idea is a noble one. Instead of complaining about the state of things and bragging about how you could do things better, why not try to get involved in one of these projects and actually make a difference that has the potential to benefit students around the world?

Disclaimer: I don't work for the company or have anything to do with this project; I just found out about it via this news item. Just my 2c.

Comment Re:jetzt (Score 1) 297

"I'm participating in lectures about linguistics" and "I participate in lectures about linguistics", without an adverb, both interchangeably mean the same thing in English

Technically maybe, but in real use, just about every native English speaker will understand the first to mean that I'm doing it right now and the second to mean that I do it habitually.

Comment Re:Java is cool (Score 1) 292

You sir, are full of misinformation. When you set Swing to use native LaF, it actually uses the system's own drawing of the widgets. That's true on Windows, Mac and Linux/GTK+. Has been for years. Only in certain areas (e.g. the file dialog boxes) can you tell that it's not native, because of the layout and functionality, not the LaF.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Oracle Previews Java SE 7 For Mac, Says JDK 8 To I (

Moochman writes: In the midst of the dual events Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne (overshadowed, of course, by the iPhone event) Oracle took a number of steps that show that they still care about making a go of Java on the desktop. First off they released a "Developer Preview" of Java SE 7 for Mac, the final version of which is now scheduled for Q2 2012. This marks the first official release of Java on Mac that isn't coming from Apple, but that incorporates code that Apple contributed. Oracle also brought the new, Java-language-based JavaFX 2.0 out of beta, while simultaneously announcing their intention to open-source it under the OpenJDK project and integrate it into JDK 8. And they demoed JavaFX apps running on iOS and Android (see here for pics and more details), although they're not making any promises on that count. Cue the "I'm not dead yet" jokes, etc., etc. Still, I'm sure many developers out there are happy to see Oracle finally blowing some fresh wind into these sails.

Comment Re:I remember (Score 1) 198

Agreed. Google's algorithm was the best when it came out, but I get the feeling more and more these days that we can do so much better! Fact is, Wikipedia is a more useful source of information than Google for around 1/3 of my searches these days. That's saying something.

Comment Re:42 (Score 1) 198

That's not it. Instant is annoying because it's implemented poorly from a UI perspective. It jarringly changes the whole layout of the site in a split-second. That's just patently bad UX right there; it's no wonder so many people get annoyed at it. AAMOF most people I ask hate Instant. But they don't know that it can be turned off, so they simply accept it. The only reason only "power" users don't use it while everyone else does is because they are the only ones willing to hunt and peck in order find the "OFF" button.

Comment Re:What is limewire? (Score 5, Insightful) 367

Actually LimeWire is great for downloading obscure individual mp3s. This is possible because of the fact that not only the file-sharing itself, but also the search, is peer-to-peer. IMHO this means it is still a better "Napster replacement" than Bittorrent, in the sense that it allows you to explore music rather than simply download it en masse.

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