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Comment Re:Ugh, not this again. (Score -1) 357

All of that may be true, but perception is reality; it just feels like a ripoff to a lot of people. I mean, how did the industry work before the advent of DLC?

But my issue with DLC is not specific to day 1. With DLC you are ultimately paying more for less. Typical game goes for $60; let's say you get 20 hours out of it. Now some DLC comes out for $10 and you get 2 hours out of it. You pay 1/6 the cost of the game but only get 1/10 the gameplay.

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Journal Journal: I always enjoy a sports-related story on Slashdot.

It lets you know who is a normal person and who is a cunt. Not that normal people must like sports; they just don't shit all over anybody who does. Aside from religion I don't think there is a more hostile topic here.

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Journal Journal: Max Payne 3

The controls are somewhat awkward (Xbox 360), but it's playable; I might have to turn up sensitivity. The general gameplay is pretty much what you expect from Max Payne, but the problem with this installment (and indeed a problem with many games today) is that it's really more of a movie than a game. I will say that the transition between cutscenes and gameplay is pretty seamless which helps, but it's hard to get into the game when you've got 4 or 5 minutes of cutscenes for every 2 or 3 min

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Journal Journal: What are the odds?

This past weekend I finally got into Eastbound and Down; just finished the series finale a few minutes ago. Truly one of the more absurd shows I've ever seen; I thought it ended perfectly. Then I go to Google something and apparently earlier today they announced there would be another season. Now I have to wait a whole year for that; fuck that noise.

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Journal Journal: Why I hate shopping at Walmart.

My problem with Walmart is more practical than philosophical. It's the fucking SKUs. I buy a certain brand/package of soap at the supermarket I typically shop at. I bought the exact same thing from Walmart earlier today. Or so I thought. What I get from the supermarket - 6 bars, each 4.2 oz. What I got from Walmart - 6 bars, each 4.0 oz. In the grand scheme of things 1.2 oz spread across 6 bars of soap is not a big deal, but when you're talking about the volume of products Walmart sell

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Journal Journal: The Tree of Life

I lasted just over 20 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. I skipped through to various parts of the movie just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I like to think I give every movie a fair shake, but this is one of only a handful of movies in my entire life that I just gave up on. Seriously, what the fuck?

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Journal Journal: Rize of the Fenix

I don't know if Rize of the Fenix is "better" than Tenacious D's debut album, but I don't know that it isn't, either. It has the same sense of humor and sound of rock. The only thing I'm disappointed with is the length; it is 10 minutes shorter than the debut album, which itself was on the short side at 51 minutes. It's definitely more mature musically, but I'm not sure if any of the songs are classics. "The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage" along with "39" are the standouts; I'

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