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Comment poor policies (Score 2) 145

I get it. So they just changed everyone to be half a plan above where they chose to be. If these people wanted more data, then they'd have chosen those more expensive plans with more data, but they didn't, so Verizon chose for them. It's like ordering a medium size and they say "oh, we give you more than medium, so you pay us more, no? Don't break contract or you pay us more then too. Have a nice day."

I won't use Verizon mobile because of poor policies like this. I have a non-verizon plan that has unlimited data... but only the first 3GB is fast. After that, it's slower. I asked Verizon how I could make sure I don't pay more than my budget for data and they said I could have them turn off all data at 3GB or pay their relatively expensive overage charges. So they won't have my business.

Comment Alexa, teach my kid manners. (Score 1) 204

Pets are conditioning my kids to be rude.
For example, my kids often walk up to my dog and pet it.
My dog needs to teach them that you can't just walk up to any person and pet them over an over.
I need a dog that bites when someone tries to pet it so that my kids can become less annoying.

Comment Re:Hilarious and Intense? (Score 1) 160

I'm missing the context to see it as Hilarious. Maybe it requires sitting through other nonsensical movies written by humans.

I think the actors made it Intense. If they had said the same things in a different tone, then perhaps it could have come off differently, such as sarcastic or seduceful.

Comment Re:HS diploma who failed geometry (Score 1) 436

Actually, I liked where this was going. Let me try my ending:

Imagine it's Valentine's day, and you go to the store to get your bonnie lass a box of chocolates. You have them gift-wrap it, and you go to the fancy restaurant where you have dinner reservations. The evening goes beautifully. You take her home, and she gives you a very exciting come-hither look. You offer her a chocolate, and she says she's not wanting that, but that doesn't dissuade you. You push it toward her mouth, pressing it against her teeth as she ever-increasingly tries to push your hand away. You switch hands and finally get it down her throat.

As for the rest of the chocolates? You drop them in her mouth while she's sleeping, like windows updates.

Comment I'm not sure I see why this is news (Score 1) 71

Having lived in China, it's somewhat pointless, if not frustrating, to have a search engine return results but upon clicking on the link you get a site inaccessible message. Depending on the status of crackdowns, whoever wants access to Google search in China can use a VPN and see the pages from the search as well.

Comment Re:I switched a brokerage account to paperless (Score 1) 167


This past weekend I tried to access statements from two different accounts at Chase. I logged in and saw some of my remaining accounts, but the ones I wanted were closed. The balances had been at zero for a few months and there was no online way to get any statements or even 2015 tax forms for them. It was as though they had never existed.

Taught me a lesson. I will continue to get paper statements.

It would also be nice if there were a program that you could automate login and retrieval of all your monthly account PDFs (like, but for PDF copies).
Somebody start that website and let me participate for a cut.

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