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Comment You must have read a different wikipedia article. (Score 1) 734

The one I read said that outcome based education was about determining what students should learn, then testing whether or not they actually have learned it. Obviously outcomes could be chosen that support progressive indoctrination, the same way they could be chosen to support conservative indoctrination. There's no fundamental reason Outcome-based Education would support a progressive agenda. Maybe they think it's progressive because it's new. If that's the case its pretty short sited to say something is bad because it is new.

Despite what the Texas GOP says Higher Order Thinking Skills and OBE aren't the same. One is a set of skills people can learn, the other is a method of teaching.

Comment Re:Facts can't be copyrighted. (Score 2) 142

What you're basically saying is "If the general population knew what the government was doing they would disapprove. So the government need to keep its actions secret." I couldn't disagree more. In order for a democratic government to work properly it needs to ba accountable to the people. That can't happen if the people don't know what the government is up to.

If people don't have realistic accounts of what happens in war they will believe the Hollywood version where the good guys never kill innocent people.

Comment Re:Why are you blaming the lawyers? (Score 4, Insightful) 250

That's the problem with asking "who can we blame?". When something bad happens usually there are many people who contributed to it happening. So people usually blame the person they dislike the most. In this example you dislike unscrupulous corporate executives more than you dislike unscrupulous lawyers, so you blame the executives. The person you responded to blamed the lawyers. They're both responsible.

A more useful question would be "how can we prevent this in the future?". There is no shortage of unscrupulous lawyers and corporate executives. As long as the patent system exists in it's current form someone will abuse it. The only way to prevent abuses like this is to change the patent laws.

Comment Re:Financial Mismanagement? (Score 1) 316

Web surfers could click on a "donate now" button that went to a local organization and that organization could eventually write a single check.

Wikileaks had systems like that, the US government just shut down payments to the organizations that were accepting money for Wikileaks.

Why would the government go through the trouble of shutting down payments to wikileaks if it wouldn't hurt wikileaks financially?

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