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Comment Re:Sounds reasonable to me. (Score 1) 573

Verizon doens't say unlimited

the better analogy is that a rope company wants to rent out various different load rated ropes.

you decide to rent the rope with the heaviest rated load.

you tell the rope company that you need one 3 miles long because you wanted to lasso a satellite in space from your home on earth.

The company is then in it's right to say "No we don't offer such long rope" or "Use the smaller rope to do something else" and in this case the rope company actually does have a 3mile long rope, but they say as part of their terms of service you have to be a business customer to use it.

Comment Re:Don't know where they're coming from... (Score 1) 569

What server you on?

I finally was able to play when i logged onto the Europe EU server, however for the first 25 minutes of the gme itw as stuck in the tutorial and I couldn't leave.

Got booted and got server buy so couldn't get back in. Finally got back in againa nd played 10 mionutes before the server killed my connection. so that was a frustratiing waste of 60%

Comment Re:Maybe try playing the game (Score 1) 569

If you two are playing separately isn't that just single player mode and not required of an always on server?

if you're playing at separate times it's not like you acutally really care about what he does. Perfectly easily to parameterize your city so twhen you two go back online again, the server can take the paramteres and updates the server's version of the city

Comment Re:Maybe try playing the game (Score 1) 569

I certainly don't agree, none of the requirements you gave have any thing to do with an always on requirement.

My friends and I play Civ 5 all the time. My box is the strongest so I always host the server.

I play alone most of the time but when my friends want to play, I set up a server and invite them in. We save the game I can reload it whenever we wish to get other again. I dont see why i need a server for that. We each have our own individual games anyway since we mostly play solo. However if we did feel the need to play together, a quick load and we're back to playing together.

Comment Re:Not Even Close (Score 1) 403

i hate to say it, but i love pokemon.

when i heard they scrapped the pokemon and instead focused on the ds, I was getting ready to just return my wii u deluxe.

The new gameplay certainly would be awesome for pokemon, but now, the zelda game is at least a year away and with the starting day issues, I dont know what to do with this system anymore.

Comment Can someone acutally go through the logs (Score 1) 841

and not elon's interpretation of them?

In the 3rd pic the Rated range to distance log.

the 80miles rated range to a sudden drop to 35 would be a WTF moment for me if I was driving this thing, anybody know the scenario that would cause that? It might be legit that he thoguht he had 80 miles

Also the low power charge (not at a super station) does that mean that if we pluged it in for 30 minutes it only gets a about 1mile per minute? So if we needed to go the other 200 miles on the route, it'd be 200 minutes? Though Broder here asserted he charged it for an hour, he did add that if tesla said it would regain its charge lost over night, he might be led to believe that the est 32 might "jump" back up to the original 80 he had as the logs show.

I also thought that batteries should never lose their entire charge, so elon's assertion that the battery never ran dry is probably a fail safe mechanism they put in place after that article a month ago that some guy left his in the airport for 2 months only to find it bricked.

4th pic, the climate control, how many of you guys fiddle with the cabin temperature like the logs said you would?

like you go from 73.5 to 69 to 71 all in a matter of minutes? that assertion just confuses me. What if the clima control just doesn't react as expected?

Also in pic 1, someone want to explain to me what the downline means at the 450 mark? the car was cruising at 50 then hit 0 instantly then went back up to 50? Huh?

Not saying Broder might not have added some sensationalism to tell his story, as people have mentioned "It just works" is kind of boring. But I'm not fully sure about Elon's side either

Comment Re:where is the random? (Score 1) 395

It's actually a flawed analogy. What you're simply pointing out is that there are inefficiencies in a particular market. Faster time to market eliminates these inefficiencies. The guy with the slower connection simply can not use the old tried and true strategy of arbitrage.

Here's the breakdown.

If the price of gold is 1$ in San fran, but NY is buying it at 1.5$, that is an arbitrage, you can buy in San fran and sell in NY. It means the market of gold is currently inefficient. In the old days, you could be that truck driver that picks up 1.5 tons of gold at 1$ and sell it in NY at 1.5$. Later someone built a train line that made the trip faster and just obsoleted the truck driver. In the future someone invents a teleportation machine and obsoletes the train. Regardless of the situation, the market will see less arbitrage situations as the technology improves.

There are certainly wrongs with HFT, but eliminating arbitrage is not one of them.

Comment Cooking with spices (Score 2) 348

I see alot of comments with people assuming that you can no longer taste the food if one adds alot of hot sauce to it

I'd simply have to say that it's personal preference in taste. I like it real spicy, my wife doesn't, who am I to say that she doesn't know what she's eating?

It's much akin to salt, some can take it real salty, some can't, who am I to say they're wrong

but onto more constructive topics there are a few things I love to do with really hot chilis. I've got some fresh and dried haberneros, ghost chilis and jalapenos growing / drying in the greenhouse. This hot summer was awesome as the chilis came out potent, plump very ripe.

my favorite things to do with the ghost chilis is to make a nice pico de gallo. Fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, lime, and small amount of fresh ghost chilis, salt and sugar to taste. For those who acutally like a more "green pepper" taste, fresh jalapenos instead of ghost chilis work out very well.

In terms of sauces where I'm more interested int he spice and not the flavor of the pepper (ie only ghost chili as it really does sting enough that you don't get a pepper flavor out of it) I love using molasses:
Imho there is nothing better than a properly made molasses based hot sauced made with some ghost chili. The heat sneaks up on you much later as the sauce binds to the capcasin and releases slowly around the taste buds giving you the ability to taste the food and feel the burn as it goes down.

A homemade recipe i've been toying with involves:
Butter, Molasses, Tomato paste, salt, freshly ground garlic, freshly ground ginger, freshly ground onions, pork stock and reduce everything together. The butter is the secret to binding with the capsaicin so that it releases slowly. You get a rich, thick sauce that binds great with meats for bbqing, enhances the flavors of bland birds like turkey and chicken and allows you to acutally taste your food before the sucker burns all the way down.

Comment Re:Hybrid Drives (Score 2) 405

That is just way too general of an assumption about what one does with a computer.

The same analogy would go for CPUs, why doesn't everyone just get by on a Pentium 4 or an Athlon X2? Both are perfectly acceptable, but honestly, I want my computer to be like my phone. Near 0 load/processing times which means more time doing what I care about and less time waiting for the machine doing stuff it cares about.

in that respect, I'll happily fork over 200$ for a small SSD/

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