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Comment Re:C will live forever (Score 1) 175

I have been programming in C for about 25 years now and the first programs I wrote still compile and run unchanged today.

Mine don't. Mainly because they were written for a 16-bit environment and call BIOS functions and modify video ram directly. They don't even compile anymore.. but even if you could compile them, they'd segfault immediately.

Comment Re:Death to experts-exchange.com (Score 1) 345

That only appears if the referer is google. It doesn't help if what you were looking for is actually a related question, because as soon as you click on a related question link, the info at the bottom disappears.

Basically EE can disappear from the face of the internet, and nothing of value will have been lost. StackOverflow is better in every single way.

Comment Re:butthurt (Score 1) 436

but Alice in Wonderland was available in 3D and had a solid story to go with the visuals.

That's a joke, right? One, Alice in Wonderland is a 2D-3D conversion, which means it's the movie equivalent of a popup book. Two, Alice in Wonderland is a horrible movie.

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