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Comment Re:It's Bill Hicks with the puppets all over again (Score 1) 509

1) The recession ended in 2009.
2) Consoles are far simpler to setup and use, and will look nicer than nearly any build.
3) There are unique functions to each of the input devices on these consoles.
4) There are unique sharing/community functions that will operate across every game on the platform.

PCs do have their advantages (upgradeable power/mods), but consoles also have theirs. Pretending they don't is fanboi-ism.

Comment Re:Is it just me? (Score 1) 463

Powerful computers that cost $15-$20K were less vastly less powerful than the cellphones we had today. The issue was mass production of hardware, not software.

I'm not a big fan of the walled garden, but the hardware in it will find its way to us geeks for a minor markup, if any. See the Rasberry Pi.

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