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Comment Re:Cyber warfare: FUD for vendors. (Score 4, Insightful) 205

Please, knocking out the power grid or making all the red lights turn green or whatever they're afraid of is nothing like having a bullet penetrate someone or a bomb going off - it's almost impossible, if not impossible to kill someone by hacking into a computer.

You're flat out incorrect here. First, not only can the power be shut off, but generators can be made to explode. Second, if you mess with the supply chain electronically, it's possible to do some really interesting stuff with medical supplies, parts for just in time manufacturing, etc. Could go on - but the overall effect is direct, substantial life threatening consequences.

Comment Different how? (Score 2, Interesting) 42

Im not a fan of the IRS, but let's be real: 1. There are almost no government agencies or civilian organizations that don't have fairly terrible security...2. These checkbox requirements dont really tell a story. 2. These checkbox requirements dont tell a story of the actual level of security. You'd have to take a look at the whole architecture to figure out whether, for example, those UNIX passwords actually were important or not.

Comment Re:Nervous reactions (Score 1) 452

No. 1. That wasnt run by the government and it was a joke - even to the government. 2. Do you think the government changes decades old policy in the space of a week or two with such large implications? Not without a lot more motivation.

However, the simulation WAS accurate insofar as it portrayed how the gov't deals with the internet...so it's going to be a fun time the more they get involved ;)

Comment Re:"Zero-day" is just noise (Score 1) 94

0day implies that there is a --non public-- vulnerability and/or exploit out in the wild that has not yet been disclosed outside of relatively small private circles (nothing to do with the time between vuln and exploit). Its meaning has been lately bastardized to include "things for which we dont have a patch yet" - and it's that bastardization which creates scenarios that don't make "sense".

Comment Re:Careful There, Schneier (Score 1) 143

It's the reason why I don't anything from Fox News affiliates [wikipedia.org] and avoid them altogether.

I dont get why people single out Fox here. The whole media mess is a cross between a game of "telephone" where stories are single sourced and passed along from outlet to outlet losing fidelity over time, deliberate pandering for access, staged details for "clarity", deliberate playing down or up of details to meet advertising demands, shoddy fact checking, and - more than anything else - wild misrepresentation of stories through just reports not understanding what they're reporting on (they're entertainers after all).

These are all things I've personally encountered with multiple news outlets. Calling Fox out on it in particular is sort of ridiculous, IMO.

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