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Comment Re:Why? (Score 4, Informative) 196

The ram pack was prone to wiggling a bit and you'd lose the entire contents of memory. You had to prop it on a book or tape it in place. Kind of a nightmare really. I also hated the ultra-fiddly tape storage, where you had to have the volume and tone adjusted just right to get those weird black bars that showed the program was loading or saving correctly.

Comment Re:Spread the word (Score 1) 1002

You're in the wrong place. Most (though not all) people who post here are "geeks" in the sense that they know some terminology and are mostly engaged in technology on a political level (from "walled gardens!" to privacy issues to copyright issues). The actual programmers have departed for greener pastures - even CmdrTaco posts at Hacker News now.

Comment Better late than never (Score 5, Informative) 38

It was actually released over a week ago, but I guess the announcement got lost over the holidays. I am actually a bit surprised they did a 1.0 version before solving the "NameNode is a single point of failure" problem with HDFS. I know for a fact that big companies (one of which was a client) are sometimes hesitant to deploy Hadoop because of this.

In theory, you can also use Hadoop with purportedly more robust distribute file systems, like KFS (Kosmos File System, I think it's called). I've never seen this in the wild though.

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