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Comment Re:iOS is much better for those who aren't cheap (Score 1) 152

iOS is superior. here are some observations everyone can make. load the game super Mario run, it runs at double the frame rate on iOS. the fps is smooth as butter. android ie galaxy s7 edge it skips, takes multiple times more to load and move from screen to screen, appears to operate at half fps, has lower resolution and blocker look, etc.

iOS main issue is lack of rootability and restrictions on software design placed by apple. for example there are no ability to record phone calls on iOS as android allows. iOS also does not permit developers to include advanced settings tweaks or desktop browser user agent on the browser. android allows both so you can browse desktop sites on android but not iOS.

iOS is not feel friendly or power user friendly as a result so I cannot use it but I admire it's performance. I read years ago the apps being native code use about 10 times less CPU instructions, permitting them to run faster and use less battery, which is why a dual core iPhone outperforms a quad core Android anyday. Android is hog tied by the inefficient implementation of Java which performs worse than any platform I have ever seen, and they use more aggressive power saving features to try to compensate which kills performance.

I am typing this on my galaxy s7 edge now in opera and the bitch is lagging around taking seconds for characters to appear like usual. if I try to switch apps to Google maps the bitch will take 20 seconds or more most likely lagging about. if I switch to Facebook the app scroll is laggy and low frame rate. mother fuck. I go up to the Starbucks counter to order and it takes 30 seconds to get the Starbucks app to stop lagging and finally display and become responsive delaying my order. same issue whipping out the mcdonalds app.

Google fucked up bitch time with androids lame ass design to cause all these issues. the lag is making me want to kill. no joke.

Comment they want us installing American solutions (Score 0) 155

1. boosts American profit and control and power. 2. enables them to have American produced spyware everywhere in the chain to control us. 3. Russian government probably is using Kaspersky to do this but so is our government against us. 4. we have no freedom as a public unless we design our own products and get rid of the military/ law enforcement / deep state/spying behaviors each government has over us all.

Comment yeah i switched to android in 2010 for that reason (Score 1) 135

originally I bought myself a Palm Pre. Nice phone, superior OS to Android, but the apps were lacking. Android had many times more apps. Sold the phone, got a Black Berry tho'- the same basic problem: lack of apps, but the OS itself was far superior to Android.

Been using Android for 7 years now, and it sucks. Ever use a Galaxy S7 Edge by Samsung for T-Mobile for example? When using this device, it takes the proverbial lag every time you interact with it. Menus have such high latency to appear, switching between apps there's high latency, etc. It often takes 20+ seconds for Google Maps to become responsive and fully appear. The entire OS is hosed.

I have used an iOS device, quite nice actually by comparison. You'll notice by comparing Super Mario Run on Android and iOS, how much faster iOS is. The app loads many times faster, and goes from screen to screen faster. In game, iOS runs at what looks like double the frame rate, never drops frames, never glitches up. On S7 Edge, which has superior hardware to iPhone 7, the game glitches up, drops frames, lags, and appears to run at a lower resolution and/or lower frame rate the entire time.

Think I've been dealing with laggy phone issues ever since landing on Android.

Life on Android is sad. I was hoping that phone manufactures would allow their phones to dual boot, so I could install another OS, such as Firefox OS, Ubuntu, or Windows 10 Mobile. Overtime as we had choice of OS, people might develop more apps for other OSes, and ditch Android's cheap laggy feel.

What I recall is the issue on Android is the Java Virtual Machine system they use. Articles I read years ago proves iOS apps use 10 times less CPU to do the same task, and perform roughly 10 times faster. This is how iPhone with a mere dual core was able to trump a quad core Android in all tests at the same task. Furthermore Android uses overly aggressive power saving features, preventing the hardware from performing.

Nothing like trying to use your Android, watching it lag. While it appears to be unable to perform, it sucks up the juice, and produces a lot of heat warming your hand. WHAT A RETARDED ASS PRODUCT..

Unfortunately I can't switch to iOS because I need telephone recording features which Android supports, plus I like browsing the desktop version of websites by default instead of Mobile versions.

Comment The FDA actually permits false deceptive products (Score 1) 503

The FDA is not in the game is regulating if only safe and effective products can be on the market. Look at psych drugs for example. The companies market the drugs in a very similar fashion as the TC has seen products not FDA approved marketed. What I have noticed about the medical industry is it's all snake oils and magic bullets, for profit. When I was a child they showed videos in elementary school on this issue, highlighting medicine in the 1800s, which consistent of people marketing hocus pocus. Alleged doctors would go around looking for "sick" people to cure, they might only dose the person with some morphine or other deadly chemical cocktail, the previously bedridden individual would then be shown as up and walking and the doctor proclaimed he was "cured." Then days later, the kid drops dead, highlighting the snake oil/magic bullet industry. Other techniques included performing surgeries that actually seriously harmed the individual, leaving them in veggie state and whatnot, ie cutting nerves or brain up (lobotomy). The individual would be a walking zombie of their performer self, proclaimed as cured, then deaths often ensued. Removal of organs and other abuses also occurred.

Today the industry funnily operates the exact same way. Companies look for chemicals or surgeries they can market as cures, and they train themselves to perform those "treatments" but in reality, most of the treatments don't work and aren't treatment. A handful are, such as bacterial killing agents, fungus killing agents, virus killing agents, but others such as "heart burn treatments" do more harm than good. Pain relief are prescribed to people who have only minor pain and don't need any chemical for it. A person might have a surgery to remove an organ or tissue that was healthy, to treat a specific problem, which then leads to other disabilities and malfunctions because the person actually really needed that organ or tissue even if there was some underlining disorder the doctor had attributed to the organ or tissue. I read a dreaded case of this happening to a women in UK recently.

Back to the case of psych drugs - the largest snake oil/magic bullet farce industry around with purely fictional marketing for every drug on the market, they market the drugs as treating schizophrenia/anxiety/bipolar/depression, however the industries own studies prove the drugs don't even begin to treat these issues, kill over 500,000+ elderly annually, reduce 25 years average from the persons life, kill 1 in 2 to 1 in 3, reduce recovery rates from 80% for none drug users to 5% to drug users, induce 75,000 heart attacks annually and prevent survival during those attacks, cause 15 times more suicide than reported by the industry, cause severe brain damage/vein swelling/scar tissue build up in the brain/fluid build up in the brain/etc, induce violence and suicides, are nothing but petroleum byproducts being spun as treatments, etc. The studies going back decades prove that alternative none drug based treatments work better, such as psychotherapy, or even giving the person money to procure housing and other basic needs. Doctors in the mental health field typically diagnose mental illness falsely, when in reality the person is suffering from other issues like poverty and political matters that have caused them to fall out of life which go entirely untreated.

Comment know why this shouldn't have been done (Score 1, Funny) 373

the military/law enforcement are behind these attacks. most of the people who claim there's an issue secretly hold clearances, are actors, paid shills, etc.

these people are deliberately fucking with people in order to create this epidemic of fake conspiracy theories.

even though the mainstream media is equally as bad as reporting the news accurately, and they do it all for profit, with agendas and spin if they report on the real news at all, they are now being promoted on YouTube as the defacto standard when they aren't. now they have propelled themselves to the top of the search results, without even having to pay for it, and they've managed to eliminate the voices of others.

The website is a legitimate news source, since the changes the elite wealthy wanted made were implemented in the Google search engine this summer, the website has seen over 2.5 million less readers, because their website is no longer being listed in search results.

Score for the wealthy elite world domination strategy, including their desire to control the information that gets in front of you, so they can continue to deceive us all and control the flow of information. It's the ultimate in psychological warfare, strategic mass deception, and COINTELPRO2016.

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 2) 320


This stuff has been on the net for ages. Everyone who surfs the net knows jokes, proofs, and the like are online. Why are they making it an issue, when we know to be on the look out for such information on line? Why is it not obvious a joke when someone lists working for many different places it would be obvious he didn't work for? Who would ever believe it anyway? WTF?

Comment not really (Score 1) 403

for all these researchers know the results their instruments are returning are hard coded and no actual calculation is happening. they have no way to verify any part of what they think is occurring.

similarly, I have no way to know if anything I'm reading right now isn't the result of a computer simulation for my mind. I cannot tell, nor can any of you tell what you're experiencing.

the chances are truly 50/50.

perhaps some conservative douche bags came up with this because they want to leave open the possibility that god exists.

Comment microsoft (Score 1) 152

they have a long history of having addon capability. no one produces such addons. the most addons that ever appear for Microsoft products include adware, spyware, Trojans, viruses, etc. I've seen this happen to generations of Microsoft products: IE, WMP, etc.

something about the community of developers, they suck, and go for other solutions instead such as foobar2000, Winamp, Firefox, etc.

I'm surprised to see 70+ addons for a Microsoft product. O_O

Comment android sucks (Score 1) 156

I can't get over the performance problems. Take a look at Super Mario Run for example, it runs so much smoother and faster on iOS. The Android version on a T-Mobile Galaxy S7 Edge which is more powerful hardware wise than iPhone, lags, hangs, slows, skips frames, and runs at a lower frame rate than the iPhone version. just clicking the game icon and it takes many more extra seconds to load, and transition from screen to screen.

it's something i'm getting tired of. every new android phone and version is the exact same piece of lard. it's slow, lags, stutters, loads apps slowly, transitions from screen to screen with huge latency.

but iOS is only superior in terms of performance, Apple forces developers to censor apps, such as requiring web browsers to only load pages on the web version of the site, unable to switch to a desktop user-agent. Furthermore other advanced features and hacks are not allowed to be included in iOS addition software, that are legal in Android software. additionally I like to record calls: Android and Windows 10 include built in phone recording features, Android just requires an app download to tap into the features most vendors add into the core OS. Windows 10 has it built right into the control panel now. iOS does not permit phone recording at all, except by hacks such as three way calling into a recording service. Android/Windows actually intercept the GSM stream and save it to amr, wav, flac, mp3, mp4, opus, right on the phone storage device.

Comment intel ripoff con artists (Score 1) 119

if you track Moore's Law, it hasn't been followed in ages. performance of chips used to double about every year. the "GHz" doubled, or equivalent suchs as instructions per second, transistor count, fill rate, bandwidth, core count, etc.

This stopped along time ago. Around the year 2005, the first quad core process landed- transistor counts hit 1 billion. Then they sat at quad core and 1 billion transistors for ages, barely adjusting clock rates, making small under the hood tweaks that amounted to marginal performance boosts each year. After 10 years of quad core, and 1 billion transistor counts, the first 6-core hit the market, just a couple of years ago. But in reality, by 2006-2007, we should have had 8 core chips. And by 2008 we should have had 16 core chips. And by 2010 32 core chips, and so on. By 2011 64 chips. By 2013 we should have had 256 core chips. By 2016 we should have hit 1024 core chips. This is because technology at least doubles in capacity every 18 months or less. There's a hint here: someone, something, hindered the market, and stopped competing.

Intel's first extreme edition processor was $1000 10 years ago or so. Now they have coffered up their first real performance chip upgrade in ages, they expect double that price. And trust me: $1000 was seen as unobtainable in price once. It's a monster of a price. $2000 certainly is double that. My argue is, since Moore's Law was abandoned years ago, and each new generation of chip barely improves upon the old, this new $2000 chip should really be $1000 at best. It's bringing the performance we should have been at 10 years ago to the table today basically, and thus is a rip off and outdated even before it hit the market.

My understanding is capitalism is at work here. They're not competing or bringing new technology to the market, except for military applications.

Comment this process is actually good (Score 1) 145

but not with the current legal system. the main problem is unlike Europe, there is no article 47 here granting a right to civil counsel. Instead, you are pro se, and might have no resources to prepare a case to defend your FOIA. This is the tactic the government is relying on to win. They know you cannot afford to bring a case in court, so you have a great risk to the judge siding with the government.

The benefit is in some cases you can bring your case, and a judge might side with you..

Comment i agree with those stating apple is lying (Score 4, Insightful) 305

I have repaired Samsung android and LG android phones. I have studied the guides. I have replaced screens.
I have also repaired by myself dell studio XPS and alienware laptops from replacement of the CPU, GPU, heatsink fan, and mobo, and more.

basically every device I've seen is self repairable, designed to open up like nothing, and each component is generally separate easy to remove and replace. this includes the screen, mobo, camera lense, camera itself, cases, bezel, glass on the screen, etc.

one can actually remove just the glass from the screen of most devices easy, and replace it when shattered, re-using the LCD/touch sensor.

on eBay or other site, one can order brand new or refurb every component of every phone.

basically you choose your difficulty level. either you want to replace a shattered screen entirely by ordering a whole new LCD/screen kit, or you attempt to remove the old glass and re-glue on new glass to save some bucks. or you order a new mobo/CPU combo. you just drop in the component removing the old. you re-assemble the phone and you're good. if you break anything during the process you just order a new one of those too.

Apple claims this is somehow too difficult for individual people to do..? why is that? what's it to Apple if you fuck up your phone or something or do low quality repair? the phone is already damaged and used up anyway!

it's so easy a cave man can do it.

Comment Re:Mopar (Score 1, Interesting) 432

they have pretty much confirmed circumcision causes ED, and non circumcised males have higher quality erections even when they get ED. so you got ED because your parents mutilated you, how does that feel?

so the logical move is to ban male genital mutilation but it's not happening in countries like the United States with pre world war 2 constitution that hardly stand for human rights.

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