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Comment Re:Here's what ISPs in Montana should all do now.. (Score 1) 131

...ALL of them should put in clauses allowing them to throttle. That way the govt can no longer get any internet connections. See how long it takes them to reverse the order.

EVERY ISP that's bigger than half a man in a garage implements various QoS and caching schemes (a.k.a. "throttling").

That way the govt can no longer get any internet connections.

Already there, man.

Comment Re:Start early (Score 1) 106

I want to agree, but I don't think so - my kids get documents from the teacher that don't render correctly, and they've made documents that don't render correctly in Word. Perhaps they didn't do formatting the way they should, perhaps the teacher didn't, either - I don't know, but I do know they've had problems.

Comment Re:alt take: maybe democracy isn't good for societ (Score 1) 216

I agree - we need better education; but I also agree that not everyone should be able to vote. Why should we let people who don't even understand our constitution decide who gets to lead us? I posted this above: What Americans Don't Know About the Constitution, in a poll (granted an old one) "... Nearly half believed that the Constitution contains Karl Marx's phrase 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.'"

It's not wealth - it's education. It's an incentive to get educated. We're not talking about people living like they do in the favelas of Brazil (although, believe me, they have electric and water and most of them have internet and smartphones), we're talking about first world countries where even the poorest person can go into a library and read a book or look something up on the internet.

And since education is one of the primary factors in earning wealth, it's a plus all around.

Social Media, as it is now, is practically a disincentive for people to be educated, because far too many rely too much on it for information, and take whatever they read there as truth.

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