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Comment Re:Beginning of shield technology? (Score 5, Funny) 136

Perhaps if we can emit VLF radiation at very high frequency

If we emit Very Low Frequency radiation at very high frequency it won't be very low frequency any more.

Hmmm... Ok. So we can't increase the frequency, but what if we just took this Very Low Frequency radiation and shortened the wavelength?

Comment Re:Really?! (Score 1) 176

To be honest, I don't think that's the big issue with patents. If you're patenting a specific method for doing something, then either that method works (in which case, it shouldn't matter whether you have a working prototype) or it doesn't (in which case, there's no real harm in patenting it because the implementation is useless).

Just to give a whacky example, if I come up with a design for a new kind of nuclear reactor that should theoretically work, I think it's fine that I can patent it even if I don't have the resources and nuclear material to build it. If the design works, I deserve the patent for coming up with it. If the design doesn't work, then it doesn't really matter if I have a patent, because nobody is going to be implementing that design.

Or even if you disagree with that, I would still argue that this kind of situation isn't what's causing problems.

It seems to me that the issue with patents that is causing real problems is that patents are granted for things that shouldn't be patentable. You should only be able to patent specific methods and implementations, and not general ideas. So for example, patenting an bezel-free display should not be possible. In order to patent something like that, it should have to be a very specific design of how the screen would function without a bezel, or a specific manufacturing method. That method or implementation should also be novel and non-obvious. So if the design is very much the same as a design that existed before, you shouldn't be able to patent it. If the design is basically the first thing an engineer would come up with when trying to create a bezel-free display, then you should not be able to patent it.

It seems to me that those rules are already on the books, but they're just not being enforced. I'm not sure if it's because the patent office is corrupt, or the people granting the patents don't understand technology well enough, or because they just don't have the resources to review patents well enough. It seems like a lot of silly patents are slipping through, though.

Comment Re:Mental issue (Score 1) 540

It's far easier to turn gold into lead, which oddly enough, circles back to the original topic of transgender, since such sexually confused people who believe that gender is only mental, are worth about as much as lead in comparison to gold when it comes to the propagation of a heteronormative species.

Comment Re: Trump version of... (Score 1) 333

If China did nothing, there's not much the rest of the world CAN do, other than adapt. In fact, I remain unconvinced that there is anything we can do to stop climate change from happening now.

In Oregon when I was growing up we never saw 90F before the end of July. Now we're seeing it in May. I'm thinking about looking into frost tolerant avocados, lemons, and banana...

Comment Re:Really?! (Score 1) 176

Well there are two questions there:

1) Did Apple apply for the patent before their rivals started doing it?
2) Is the implementation they're patenting somehow different and novel, compared to what their rivals are doing?

The second question is something that people often forget about. Properly, a patent shouldn't be for an abstract idea like "make a phone screen without a bezel" or "have a fingerprint reader embedded in the screen of a phone". The patent should be for a specific and novel technical implementation of the idea. If Apple has come up with a new and useful way to have a bezel-free phone, then it's not unreasonable that they could patent that specific method.

Comment Re:Specs aren't the problem (Score 1) 79

Oh, I didn't know you could load Kodi on a Fire Stick. You mean you can replace the OS with Linux running Kodi? If the hardware is open enough to allow loading an alternate OS, that changes things quite a bit. Not that I'm a real tinkerer or would be likely to change the OS on a device like this, but having the option makes it much more likely that the device would continue to be useful in some way.

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