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Comment Useless in vaccuum of information (Score 2, Interesting) 210

It does not matter if they found 4.9 microfiber of size below of 2.5 micrometer. The question is : does it have a significant impact on biological activity of human at those level, and is it below or above the legally set quantity ? That is the correct question. If the answer is no, then my own comment is "meh ?".

Comment Removing minimum wage ? (Score 1) 236

Removing minimum wage until that person can barely pay enough to eat in spite of working their number of hours, while not having UBI or a safety net more or less means you are creating a class of indentured or downright enslaved people, and in the end run you STILL have to have a replacement for job as otherwise such people will sooner or later find out that violence is a better solution to quasi slavery. On the contrary I think to avoid that scenario it would be MUCH better to have a high minimum wage, have a QUICK robotization, and then have politics and rich folk confronted with the problem quickly rather than slowly, thus forcing the same end solution (UBI+ safety nets) with far more minimal pains.

Comment Only true for residential/commercial electricity (Score 0) 390

It is quite a different picture with industrial which , while peaking during the day, still needs a lot at night for 24/7 plants. That is why base load is important and why nuclear plant even have their baseload at night. Your residential and commercial capacity can probably be covered by renewable. Your industrial needs ? Not so much.

Comment bitcoin dud not "outperform" (Score 1) 179

To do what it would have to be linked some sort of performance process, or economic indicator. Hint : it does not. Bitcoin at this point is solely a commodity, a very speculative and volatile one, chinese money manipulation or not (see above post on Chinese money policy) it could drop toward 1000 dollar or much lower at a moment notice, indeoendenteky of world economy.

Comment One point about the review (Score 2) 166

I am pretty sure you can't have blue tooth device having signal go through your body. When it is my back pocket, I cannot hear any signals. Having tried with two different manufacturer I was told that if there is nothing to bounce the signal off, e.g. outside, it does not go through the body and that is why it gets interrupted, and they recommend a front pocket. Now i don't know if it is a load of crap, an EE can chime in, that would be interesting to know, my front pocket in the mean time being too loaded ;).

Comment Absolute value are useless (Score 1) 213

20K is poor by standard of bay area, yet this will make you in the top percentage in many other countries. What count is not the absolute value of your earning, but what do you earn compared to the standard of living of your local region. So $115K could be actually not that much, if after tax you still have to pay $4K rent.

Comment Fiat currency are accepted , bitcoin are not (Score 3, Informative) 376

Chose a shop at random. It will accept your USD/EUR/GBP/Whatever. Try to pay as bitcoin, watch them thinking you are insane. The lack of penetzration in shop make bitcoin solely a speculating commodity and not a currency. Facit : for 99+% of the population, the one who count, bitcoin do not exists.

Comment I cut it as part of a move (Score 1) 421

I had a package of cable TV, then I simply used the move to cancel it (local laws state that you can cancel a contract on a move). I got a call telling me I could still get the package where I lived, well yuppee doo. I cut the cord and I am not looking back. In the last 5 years I watched *once* what was on cable. The rest was streaming, youtube and other providers.

Comment I nevre said to tolerate them (Score 1) 486

Again let me reiterate : we can lie at the feet of the nazi which paraded that day, that they are violent thug, that they are racist, that they are anachronism, chauvisnistic, that their ideology stink worst than dog's excrement etc... But what we cannot do is accuse the whole group as being responsible for the murder of the woman - let me quote again :

Except the only thing that these people are actually doing is saying shit you don't like.

And running people over with their cars. Tiny little detail you left out.

Comment I partially agree (Score 1) 642

While I agree it is astounding, your comparison with what cheapened with more or less a revolution, is not correct. The US is supposed to be a stable democracy and there are laws and judicial ways to get a status removed. Mob rule is not one of them. What next ? If a mob decided to destroy one of the general of the north, would you accept it ? Maybe a Rosa Park statue by white supremacist ? If you don't like the idea, then maybe you are accepting mob rule for the viewpoint you like... And refuse it for those you dislike... Then it ain't a state of justice and law anymore. The one destroying the status should have tried/continue to try for a legal way, and if the legal way fail, campaign loudly on media to show the politician refusing to remove the status. Destroy the narrative that it was just to remember confederate, when most of those were done at a time of jim crow laws, EVEN in state which sided with the union (and therefore cannot be about the confederation but certainly about racism), point out that the groups setting up those statues did it for racist reason (IRC daughter of confederacy).

But taking it into your own hand and destroying public property is not good, and should be punished. Otherwise what will be next ? Public lynchage ?

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