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Comment Re:Food for thought (Score 1) 783

The highlight of your post was this: "I have this duty because if I agreed to a search, then I further the normalization of pathetic submission, embolden the authorities, and increase for my fellow citizen the expectation that they, too, should needlessly submit to the whims of dangerous thugs."

The more we accept it, the more brazen they get.

Comment Re:Not so staggering. (Score 1) 182

That's not fishy coming from a company like Microsoft. Dirty, underhanded, and unethical, sure. But fishy? Not really. Elop did exactly what he was supposed to do. His loyalties were just not where a Chief Executive's loyalties are supposed to do. He should have been thrown out long before this situation ever happened.

Comment Re:Trucks in Texas (Score 1) 293

That works fine as long as you're at home, but if you're not?

I will grant that most of the truck-fuelling I have done here in Texas has been fleet vehicles, but the idea of a battery swap being as simple and quick as the fill-ups (even at our own pumps) doesn't add up for me. Even the largest trucks I have dealt with (multi-thousand-gallon fixed liquid tanks) didn't take too terribly long to fuel, and definitely less risky to pump diesel than load and unload huge battery packs.

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