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Comment Re:Outlook 2016 IMAP support is shit too. (Score 1) 105

Really? Centurly links website begs to differ. https://internethelp.centuryli... They allow you to use them, but they do not "support" them in the sense that anything outside of a basic setup and troubleshooting. And guess what, they do not support Thunderbird or any of the Outlooks. You might want to hand in your "tech" card.

Comment Re:What Happens When you Forget Your Password? (Score 1) 388

You probably should start using DOS then. The Iphone 5s and above allow you to create multiple finger print entries and when you create the first entry, you have to create a passcode, and the phone tells you then and there when you need to use the passcode. Reboots, not used for a certain amount of time. It is spelled out for you. The parents of a 13 year old should set restrictions on the phone where they know the passcode, and that the kid cant change it. And those parental restrictions are built into the phone, and fairly easy to implement. Apple nor Google, is responsible for your data or passwords. It is your responsibility. You do not call Maytag and say "hey i put bleach in the dryer, now its ruined, come fix it for free. Apple tightened security because of all the users who lost their phones without passcodes who never set up find my iphone to remote wipe or erase, were bent out of shape when the lost their devices and all their info was wife open. The security features are there for a reason and you choose how you use them.

Comment Re:Yes. What do you lose? But talk to lawyer first (Score 1) 734

You have no idea of what you talk about. I am citizen of Colombia, Spain, Panama, and the United States. When I am in any other country of the US, I lose all support of US consular services, because I am beholden to the laws of those countries. I cannot commit a crime in Colombia and scream for US help... Please stop giving bad advice on the internet.

Comment Re:Hmmm .... (Score 2) 125

I have worked on and off in Cuba for the last ten years, their workforce is not literate compared to the rest of the world as far as computer literacy and general knowledge is concerned. You sound a bit racist and under educated.

Comment Re:Ebola threat (Score 1) 478

I haved worked on and off in Central and South America for the last 20 years, and while healthcare might be free, it is not up to par with what the CDC docs can provide. There are many old wives tales on how to cure disease in those countries(brujeria) and latin american people tend to be touchy feel, kisses on cheeks, eating out of each others plates, sharing food with babies, not wearing condom... While it might be a much richer place, common sense does not abound there.

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