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Comment Re:Justice (Score 1) 99

25 years ago, when I was in high school, I hacked the computer network, got access to the administrative account and then changed it - locking out, completely, the actual administrators. The next day I was pulled out of class and brought to the principles office. They said "give us the password and you go back to class and that is the end or we expel you (and then they'd have to format and build the network back up)." I gave them the password and went back to class, end of story. Imagine if that was today, I'd be royally fucked.

Comment Re:Justice (Score 3, Interesting) 99

The punishment should fit the crime, his trial should have been based on the actual events and not some nebulous "possibilities." In general, the USA has been leaning more and more to an authoritarian stance. Don't you think that the pendulum should swing back towards the middle a bit? After all, prisons are all sitting at three times capacity now. That's not a problem though. It was a non-violent crime that resulted in a petty defacement and that is what should have been judged.

Comment Re:Justice (Score 4, Interesting) 99

His "crime" was the equivalent of spraying graffiti on a wall - if the conviction was actually true. Two years in PITA for a headline that lasted 40 minutes? Just "because it's done on a computer" does not automatically turn what should be a $100 fine into 730 possible days to be raped.

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