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Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 1) 559

I guess the last couple of generations for some reason, weren't taught to budget, and save most of your money...

It's hard when you grow up without money. When the most money you've ever had in your hand at one time by the time you're fifteen is a hundred bucks, and you've grown up eating ramen and peanut butter sandwiches, you get a tendency to just spend money because tomorrow might never come.

And...if you don't make enough money after living and saving as you need to, then you DON'T get those luxury items, you are not entitled to them, hence the term "luxury".

I have a much easier time with this than I did when I was young, and I felt more like I was my possessions because society is always trying to make you feel that way. It's still difficult.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 137

Trick is you do not need to get rid of the watermark, because people are idiots and have forgetten the real reason for watermarks, all you have to do is overwrite them

You might be able to do that, but you would have to substantially decrease the quality of the video, which defeats the whole purpose of beginning the project — getting a watchable video out the other side.

Comment Re:Pay Cash, Don't Care (Score 1) 113

No per diem ? I don't have to present receipts for basic food and lodging provided I stay under the companies estimated costs for the market area I am working in. X amount of dollars per day for food and a basic lodging rate. If something exceeds that limit I either call and get authorization or retain and file the receipts. Most of my lodgings are arranged ahead of time and paid for by corporate accounting and I don't even have to do a thing besides show ID and sleep.

Comment Great (Score 1) 103

A higher resolution is all well and good, but can it create something worth watching ? All this improvement in color and clarity and we're still watching half a day of reruns of bad reality shows, and the other half of paid advertisements.
A reboot of a re-envisioned show about a neverwas starring a wannabe and 2 neverwillbe's.

Comment Was just at a Shack (Score 1) 217

I just the other day went to the RadioShack here in Yuma. I bought lots of cables and adaptors and miscellaneous crap they had left at 90% off. I got USB cables, HDMI cables and adaptors for nearly everything I've ever used, for pennies on the dollar. It made me sad because I've grown up shopping at the Shack for all kinds of electronic components since I was in grade school. Heck I even bought several LED light fixtures from display cases for my garage and man cave are and spent less than $50 for what I would value is several hundred dollars worth of stuff. RIP RadioShack.

Comment Most politicans say they want affordable housing (Score 5, Insightful) 559

Most politicians say they want affordable housing, but when we started to get it during the so-called "crisis" of 2008, all everybody did was bitch.

The housing collapse was the very definition of housing becoming affordable--prices dropped dramatically.

The cognitive dissonance on this issue never ceases to amaze me. You can blame the banks, and they bear some of the blame but not all of it. You can blame the NIMBY phenomenon, but that's not the whole picture either. IMHO, the core of the issue is that housing is a leveraged "investment", and that creates structural issues that encourage it to be expensive.

If a significant percentage of your net worth is in your house, you are strongly incentivized to do everything you can to make housing expensive in your area.

The banks are encouraged to make housing expensive, because cash purchases are for the wealthy only, and the rest of us pay interest.

Local governments are incentivized to make housing expensive because property taxes are based on assessed value.

There is, IMHO, no *technical* barrier to supplying a house for less than $100k almost everywhere in the USA. In a few special places you can argue that flooding the market with a supply of cheap housing is not possible due to resource constraints; but that's not true in most parts of the USA.

Every once in a while, somebody does actually supply cheap housing. It's like an elm sprout in the forest. As soon as it springs up, the structural fungus of our NIMBY, Leverage, debt-financed, assessed value taxed housing system attacks it and it dies.

Comment Re:Destroyed Views have a cost (Score 1) 201

The cost of wind farms destroying the vistas, views, scenery, experience of wilderness or vastness, the reduced/eliminated draw of tourism is also not included in wind farm costs.

Coal does all of that same stuff, only moreso. If you want to include it in wind farm costs, you're going to have to include a whole lot more of it in the hidden costs for coal.

Taking energy out of a moving flow, reduces the moving flow, slowing the wind. This also has an impact which is ignored.

That's because it's bullshit. It's been studied and the effect of a wind turbine is the same as the effect of a tree. A localized heating effect just downwind, and then fuck-all measurable anything when you're any distance away. I can see why you didn't log in, you're a lame-ass at best and possibly a paid shill.

Comment Re:Hmmmmmmm (Score 2) 147

If they lived just one month amid the misery of the developing world, as I have for fifty years, they'd be crying out for tractors and fertilizer and irrigation canals and be outraged that fashionable elitists back home were trying to deny them these things

I'm not against tractors, where they're useful and/or necessary. For initial clearing and tilth they are highly useful. Overuse of any good thing, however, can turn into a bad one.

I'm also not against fertilizer, but we don't need to make it out of oil. We already make all we need, and then we throw most of it away. I am, of course talking mostly about feces (both human and nonhuman) but also about compost. In places with severe landfill problems this is already typically separated. As well, in places with significant sewage problems, sludge is being processed sufficiently that it can be used for crop production, so things are moving in the right direction. We're even starting to see some of the methane processed for energy, which reduces the GHG impact almost no matter what you do with it, whether you burn it in an ICE or feed it into a fuel cell.

I'm not even against irrigation canals, but I am against letting farmers who don't use their water allotment pump the excess into trucks and sell it to people in the next county. I'm against forcing them to do it by not permitting them to use the water next year if they don't use it this year as well, but I can be against both things at once.

You can be for producing food and still be against doing stupid things.

Comment Re:Hmmmmmmm (Score 1) 147

I'm in Ohio, each spring I see more and more fields switch over to more sustainable practices such as no till and better crop rotations.

That's nice, but do the math, look up the statistics. The vast majority of food comes from factory farms. And then there's corn for ethanol fuel, which is typically farmed continuously! They don't even use crop rotation, let alone let fields lie fallow!

Small farms are overwhelmingly shifting to superior farming practices because they can charge more money and otherwise they go out of business and turn into part of a large farm which will destroy the soil with no regrets.

Comment Re:The fix is in (Score 1) 201

Wow. Amazing. His figure differs from yours by a small amount and you accuse him of working for Koch.

20 is what percent of 30? You call that a small amount? How long have you been working for Koch?

And how will larger offshore turbines be lower cost? The mind boggles. If anything the cost to maintain those will be much higher.

That's because your mind is defective. Less turbines means less maintenance cost. They don't get more complicated when you make them bigger.

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