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Comment Re:So close, and yet so far (Score 1) 264

Your comment is exactly right on on the money.

I have driven a number of cars with digital controls for the radio, tuning, volume and climate systems, temp, fan, distribution and they were terrible.

You must take your eyes off the road to deal with them, whereas, if you have knobs, buttons and sliders your hands can take care of it all.

I will never buy a car will all digital controls, that is one place touch screens do not belong.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 3, Insightful) 287

Of course people want to lay off 15% of the workforce. That is very typical in leveraged buyout processes and part of the plan from square one.

You are take out big loans to buy the company, knowing you are going to immediately gut it maximize profits in the short term so you can pay off the loans. Then you continue to milk what remains as profit, letting the business decline knowing you can sell off chunks to get the last drop of value out of the company, and then at the very end, when you have loaded it up with debt again, you declare it bankrupt and walk away.

Comment Re:I have no doubt this is true in the whole (Score 1) 279

The placebo effect does affect animals. At least some of the placebo effect can be due to the attention, interaction and care the patient receives in the process of getting the fake/non effective medication or treatment and the same thing can impact animals if they get more attention/affection during the "treatment".

Also, since the placebo effect only works on subjective symptoms like self reported pain or ease of movement, if a person is doing the evaluating for the animal, they can make the same biased evaluations of the subjective symptoms, just about the animal instead of themselves.

Comment No real surprise (Score 5, Insightful) 313

No surprise to me.

It is a terrible, mind numbingly boring job that is essentially a career killer in the Air Force. Not to mention the fact that the likelihood of them actually having to do what they train for is very low and if they do have to do what they trained for it basically means they are helping end life on this planet as we know it.

I completely understand why they would not be motivated to excel on the exams and/or might smoke a little grass.

I wonder what their Russian counterparts' moral is like.

Comment As if passing a law will affect them (Score 1) 1216

As if they are not going to just find some other way to structure their compensation packages to make it appear to be under the cap.

I am sure there are at least a dozen ways they will be able to make as much as they possibly can and never have it run in to any restrictions like the proposed law in Switzerland. If worse comes to worse they can probably use off shore companies to have the executives get paid in a country that doesn't have these sorts of restrictions.

It is nice to put the executives on notice that it would be good for everyone if pay rates were not so disparate, but really the law will make zero difference.

Comment Re:2 minute advertisement?! (Score 4, Informative) 26

I felt the same way. But really it is because they are not making clear they are basically an amateur serious rocketry hobby group. More professional than just hobbyists because their goal is manned missions, but not a for profit commercial company.

That makes it a lot more cool with me. Their name and their descriptions (the English ones I mean) just make them sound too commercial without some background and explanation.

Comment Re:Looks like they are about 5 years behind SpaceX (Score 4, Insightful) 26

I think you guys would do well to emphasize you are a non-profit, amateur group.

It looks at a glance like you are trying to do stuff commercially and so are judged based on that impression.

People would end up with a totally different impression if they understood this is basically a very advanced hobby for you and your team.

And I do not mean to say you are amateurs, just that you are not a for profit commercial enterprise. There is probably a good English word for what is between those two but I can't think of it.

Comment Re:NOT posted as AC. (Score 5, Informative) 603

Does this mean Obama will stop his anti-second amendment agenda now?

Stop spreading lies or being ignorant or both.

Obama has done nothing related to gun control in his years in office except make it easier for people to own whatever type of firearm they want.

He has signed legislation allowing guns in National Parks and on Amtrack trains.

He signed legislation that makes concealed carry permits valid in one state valid in all states.

He has never pushed an "assault" weapons ban or even restrictions on large capacity magazines.

His justice department has never challenged any of the numerous state level laws that have increased gun rights (Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming, Texas, North Dakota, etc.) or any of the stand-your-ground laws.

He is one of the most pro-gun Presidents in recent times and yet right wing delusionals (and firearm business interests) still trot out he is trying to take away guns.

Comment Re:I can't decide... (Score 3, Insightful) 238

He also has the kill your colleague if they don't follow an order thing wrong.

All those missiles can be controlled from another launch facility, so if one of the missileers doesn't want to turn their key, control of their silos is just assumed by another launch facility and their missiles are launched anyway.

The sidearms were for defense of the facility, not to use on fellow officers is my understanding.

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