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Comment Vmware Player or Virtual Box (Score 1) 3

Vmware Player or Virtual Box are both good starting points on a Windows host, they are free and relatively easy to get started with and use.
Reliability wise they are fine but Virtual Box seems a bit slower and doesn't really give you an upgrade path like VMWares product line.
Unless you are looking to eventually upgrading to a MS Server 2008 based Hyper-V system I wouldn't bother starting off with Microsoft's Virtual-PC/XP-Mode product.

I have no experience with Xen, so can't comment on it, but I'm sure someones else will.

Comment The Celeb may not know whats happening. (Score 1) 6

Keep in mind that depending on how big the celeb is, they may have no idea that this is even happening.

If you really are a fan hand it over for reasonable cost, ie your costs for domain registration, but make it clear that you feel hurt and unappreciated by the celeb and would like to know if they are aware of how they have been represented by their lawyer.

If they have pissed you off and you're no longer feeling fannish then post the letter on the site, outline your grievances, post the celbs name and links to the site here on slashdot and others and let the Streisand Effect loose in all its glory, THEN hand it over for reasonable cost, ie your costs for domain registration.


Submission + - Blizzard is selling old World of Warcraft servers (

An anonymous reader writes: Blizzard Entertainment has found a sure fire way to raise a lot of money for charity. The developer has decided to sell off around 350 retired HP p-Class server blades on eBay to the highest bidder. Each one has spent time helping to keep World of Warcraft online, and there’s a good chance if you’re a long-time player of the MMO you’ve set foot on one of these blades.

Blizzard is classing the servers as having been honorably discharged from service and has turned them into collectors’ items. Each one has a plaque stating the WoW realm name it served along with the month and year of its active duty. There is also a description of why the blade servers are so important to the game, and the signatures of the World of Warcraft team have been included at the bottom.

Submission + - Sweet Portal Video with Real Actor (

Jake Dodgie writes: "dantrachtenberg1 has posted an awesome Portal Video with the protagonist trapped in a room.
She frees herself by solving a puzzle on the wall that giver her access to Apatures favorite toy.
The action and representation of the portal effect has been done very nicely."


Submission + - Redesigning ecstasy as potent cancer treatment (

cylonlover writes: Six years ago, researchers at the University of Birmingham discovered that more than half of the cancers of white blood cells they looked at responded in the test tube to the growth-suppressing properties of psychotropic drugs, including amphetamine derivatives such as ecstasy and weight-loss pills, and antidepressants such as fluoxetine (Prozac). Building on this previous work, the researchers have now discovered a modified form of MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, they claim has 100 times more cancer-busting properties than the designer drug itself.

Submission + - Deus Ex: Human Revolution, A Successful Sequel? (

MojoKid writes: "Eleven years ago, now-defunct developer Ion Storm released Deus Ex and made video game history. Part of what won Deus Ex such acclaim back then was its open-ended approach to problem solving. Virtually every mission could be approached from stealth or with reckless abandon. The game's plot is a fusion of classic conspiracy theories and a referendum on what it means to be human. The problems of humanity in 2052 — plague, environmental destruction, rampant terrorism — were far enough away in time to be comfortable, but close enough to be unsettling. Therecently released sequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn't a perfect smash hit, nor was the original but the game play is fun and the graphics impressive with DX11 effects turned up. Frame rates with a solid mainstream graphics card should be decent, though level load times can be lengthy and even hinder playbility, if you're trying to crack a tough level and have to reload often. However, the game transcends its flaws. If you liked the original Deus Ex, or you think you'd like it based on its description, it probably makes sense to pick this one up."

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