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Comment Re:VMware shows its PR colors. (Score 2) 215

Agreed. They seem to treat it as some magical instance where touching the keyboard breaks things, as though this was written by someone's grandmother.

How did one engineer touching a keyboard when he shouldn't, take everything down? I don't think I could do this at work unless I was really trying hard. This is a really shitty response, especially compared to the writeup that amazon put out.

Comment Not required, just makes it easier. (Score 1) 174

Long story short: It makes it easier, but it's not required. If they've got it, they can just copy the call at the switch level. If they don't, they can: Install software on the persons phone, sniff + break the radio waves, bribe a telco employee, plant software on the towers (see - really interesting read), or i'm sure they've got more methods.

Cell phone's aren't secure.

Comment Story link color is hard to find (Score 1) 2254

Hopefully you're actually reading these, I agree mostly with the other people who say too much white space and lack of contract (could use some black lines somewhere, i dunno, it just feels bland). Biggest thing I've noticed is link color.... on my dell laptop which is "color calibrated" with an external spyder the light blue of the links do NOT stand out against the gray of the text. The first story I tried to read I had difficulty finding the link in the text until I knew what to look for.

Comment Re:Good for everybody but the IT guy? (Score 4, Informative) 498

Did you read the article? Or maybe even skim it? Instead of basing your comment entirely off the summary?

In particular:

Staff taking advantage of the scheme must buy a three-year service contract. "From that point forth the device is their responsibility, and not that of the company," adds Mr Hollison. "We don't asset manage it in any way. "If they want to fill it full of photos and videos of their children, they're free to do so, because the connection back to Citrix is securely in the data centre.

So they're not running any business apps on their laptop, that's all at the dc on their citrix setup. They're also responsible for maintaining their own gear. Sorry, what was your argument again?


Submission + - OiNK is taken down by Interpol, admin arrested 2

QuietR10t writes: Scott Gilbertson from Wired raises an interesting point: "However, there is one interesting quote in the IFPI's press release. Jeremy Banks, head of the IFPI's Internet Anti-Piracy Unit, says in the press release: "OiNK was central to the illegal distribution of pre-release music online. This was not a case of friends sharing music for pleasure. This was a worldwide network that got hold of music they did not own the rights to and posted it online." (emphasis mine)

The IFPI seems to be making a distinction of scale between professional piracy groups and friends sharing files, even if, so far as I know, copyright laws in Britain (and the U.S.) make no such distinctions."

There are also rumors of investigation into users, but with 180k users I'm not sure they would know where to start.

Submission + - Moore: Critics of 360 Hardware 'Need a History Les (

njkid1 writes: "GameDaily is proud to present Peter Moore's FINAL Xbox interview — GameDaily was literally his last appointment on the final day of E3. They grilled the (now former) Xbox exec on 360's hardware problems, the console's continued struggles in Japan, and more. He also tells GameDAily that Microsoft's "plans for price cuts have been laid out for years" and he knows "exactly" when they'll happen. Dig in..."

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