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Comment Re: Such as? (Score 1) 442

Figures I've seen were largely based on Eastern European immigration. What you're ignoring is the relatively recent massive influx of Muslims, and any statistics I find on that group are appalling. The most unemployed, the most claiming disability, the most on public housing, the most in medical costs. And this is hardly unique to the UK.

So, Brexit voters didn't like Muslims coming here and not contributing, so they voted to keep out Europeans who do contribute. But if you say Brexit voters are ignorant it makes you an out of touch, metropolitan liberal lefty luvvie...

Comment Re: Such as? (Score 1) 442

Most of the Brexit voters I know are actually well-educated and certainly not poverty-stricken.

Then your sample was unrepresentative, Brexit voters were on average far less educated than Remain voters. They voted Leave because of decades of propaganda by the anti-EU press, ignorance, and xenophobia. There was no economic argument for Brexit.

But they realized that if the British economy takes a hit over Brexit, they won't be hit much harder than they're being hit now.

The 'things can't get any worse' meme is usually false. Things can always get worse. The richer parts of the UK's economy prop up the living standards of the rest. If finance, bio, tech etc. leave following Brexit that means tens of billions in lost tax revenues, meaning lower public services, lower benefits, and job losses cascading through the economy as the bankers' spending power moves to the EU.

When the economy was booming, they were steadily spiralling downward.

False. They might not have been doing as well as those at the top, but their living standards were far higher than most of the world, even if they were in unskilled dead-end jobs. Factory workers with two cars outside the house, smart phones all around and holidays to Benidorm every year are in line for a cold, sharp shock when they realise that their lifestyles are only that high because they share a country with rich, educated metropolitan Remain voters, and that factory workers in most of the world live far more deprived lifestyles. There's a reason so many people want to come to Britain to work.

And in return for receiving all these "benefits" from the booming economy, they had to give up control of their borders and their currency.

I don't remember when they joined the Euro. Or is this more 'Fake News' like the £350m a week to spend on the NHS? The entire Brexit campaign was driven by lies.

So what! At least the top few who were getting all the benefits of EU membership and raking in billions of pounds to add to their existing fortunes might finally suffer just a small fraction of what my friends and family have been enduring for a generation.

Nope, the top few will always be rich and successful. The most beautiful irony of the whole situation is that the Brexit voters have the most to lose from Brexit. Do you honestly think the megarich will lose anything? They can swan off to anywhere in the world and take their business with them. Brexit voters voted to restrict immigration...for people like themselves. Factory and shop workers won't get a visa to work anywhere else, they're stuck in the UK and will go down with its economy. The metropolitan, remain-voting elite can go where they like.

They won't even get rid of immigrants. Most immigrants in the UK actually come from outside of the EU. They're not here because the EU took control of our borders, but because the British government wants them here. The same British government which has 'taken back control' or whatever. Well guess what, if the British government was handing out visas like confetti to Bangladeshis before, there's no reason to think they're going to stop. There might actually be an increase to make up for the loss of EU migrants.

There's going to be a huge amount of butt-hurt when Brexiters don't realise that screaming 'democracy' doesn't mean you can have your cake and eat it.

Comment Re:Blame the news websites. (Score 1) 624

With that single story a national of deplorables can trivially take CNN off the credible list.

Not much to argue against in that article, unless you think sentencing should not be blind but be dependent on the convict's neighbourhood or family. If you think that article is wrong, do you believe that someone who lives in a low-crime area and has a good family should get a lighter sentence from the same crime?

Or maybe your objection is about the use of credit ratings in employment. I'd like to hear a good argument as to how a mechanism which makes it harder for poor people to get jobs helps society.

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