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Comment Re:'historical fiction' ? (Score 1) 337

Fine. The next time one of the Rambo/Red Dawn-sort of US movies will come out, have the directors get a permission from the Communist Party of Russian Federation. Because, like, the CPSU (and its descendants) can manage their own publicity.

I have absolutely no problems whatsoever with 'factual' works... Just with 'fictional/imaginary' works ... Just saying ...

Comment 'historical fiction' ? (Score 1) 337

Well, I hate to inflame on me the hate of all posters.. But ... Shouldn't all 'historical fiction' at least require the permission of the persons involved (or the people/institution representing that person) ? I mean, what makes you think that *you* have the right to include 'real' people into your fake fictional works ? Really ?

Submission + - 16-Year-Old Killed His Own Mother Over PlayStation ( 1

Gamersleak writes: Kendall Anderson is a 5-foot-8 teenager from Philadelphia, his mother Rashida Anderson took away his PlayStation for bad behaviour the day after Thanksgiving. They had a 90 minute argument about the happening. After the argument, Kendall was very upset and pondered for three hour on whether or not to kill his mom. Later that night, Kendall entered his sleeping mother’s bedroom and hit her 20 times with a claw hammer.

Submission + - New SMB Bug in All Versions of Windows ( 2

Trailrunner7 writes: Researchers have identified a new remotely exploitable vulnerability in all current versions of Windows that could be used by attackers to run arbitrary code on vulnerable machines. There is already a proof-of-concept exploit in circulation for the bug.

The new bug lies in the BROWSER protocol, which runs on top of the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol on Windows. Microsoft security officials said that the vulnerability is most likely to be found on servers, but that all current versions are vulnerable.


Submission + - In IT Security, Good Enough Isn't Good Enough (

Gunkerty Jeb writes: There’s the old joke about two hunters running from a lion, and the one runner says to the other: we can’t outrun the lion. And his buddy replied, “I don’t have to outrun the lion, I only have to outrun you.” Many, over the years, have applied the same logic to application security: If their software is ‘secure enough’ attackers will move on to easier targets.

That’s a dangerous assumption today, as attacks become more targeted and the attackers more skilled. Indeed, software security experts now say that building more secure applications from the start would create software that is more sustainable, resilient from attacks, and even more cost effective. Unfortunately, the focus of many software creators is to ship code that is ‘good enough.’

Submission + - Addiction Treatment Locator (

skenealy87 writes: I think its so important to have access to something like this on the internet. I mean things are so fast paced now days and no one takes the time to address the real issues of addiction. Tami has done a wonderful job by putting a resource like this on the internet
The Military

Submission + - Special forces helped EA design "Medal of Honor" (

GovTechGuy writes: Two retired special forces soldiers helped Electronic Arts develop the new "Medal of Honor" video game that originally allowed users to play as the Taliban and shoot American troops. The latest version of Medal of Honor, released on Tuesday, has been praised for its extremely detailed and realistic depiction of U.S. combat forces. According to the report, there are details in the game that involve units so sensitive that a former Pentagon official said the public shouldn't know about them. Additionally, the officials objected to the option to play as the Taliban, which was removed from the game by EA in response to public complaints from veterans groups.

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