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Submission + - Oracle Might Be Canning Solaris (

lbalbalba writes: Oracle might be pulling the plug on the Solaris operating system, at least according to some new rumors. Rumors are circulating that Oracle is ending Solaris development at Solaris 11.4 with no major releases to follow. A tip on says in part:
Solaris being canned, at least 50% of teams to be RIF'd in short term
All hands meetings being cancelled on orders from legal to prevent news from spreading.
Hardware teams being told to cease development.
There will be no Solaris 12, final release will be 11.4.

Comment Obtained through court order (Score 5, Insightful) 153

Since the cell tower's logs and phone numbers were obtained legally and transparently through a court order, I don't particularly see the problem here. I would if they had been obtained without a court order, in secret, by using a hack or a stingray device or something similar, but that isn't the case here.

Comment Quit the bashing (Score 5, Interesting) 67

Hey, I'm an European, and I welcome this. Apache is widely used, and it's security is for the common good. At the very least, this is a step in the right direction. The only downside I can think of, is that Apache is already heavily scrutinized by both static analyzers and 'real human being' audits, so it this particular choice may be of limited use. Still, a mayor step forward in my opinion.

Submission + - 60 people killed and many more injured in terrorist attack in Nice, France (

An anonymous reader writes: A truck slowly drove towards a crowd, accelerated and then hit people on the famous Promenade des Anglais shortly after celebratory fireworks had ended. July 14th is a national holiday in remembrance of the attack on the Bastille which started the French Revolution. The truck reportedly drove more than a mile before the driver was shot and the truck stopped.

Comment Overclocking is Your Responsibility (Score 1) 157

Sorry, but this article is about overclocking, which - by definition - means pushing the hardware beyond the specifications of the vendor. You choose to do something with it, that the vendor did not intend. If you choose to push the hardware beyond the specifications provided by the vendor, then the results are solely your responsibility too. You may feel that, because you bought and own the hardware, it's up to you to do whatever you wish with it: but that only goes so far. If you choose to set the hardware on fire - because you feel that it's your unalienable right to do with it whatever you want - and then you proceed to stick your hands in it (ouch, that hurts!), then that's entirely your fault, and not the fault of the hardware vendor.

Comment Eating fruit vs squeezing juice (Score 4, Informative) 221

Slightly off-topic, but: even an home made freshly squeezed glass of fruit juice supposedly contains more sugar than is healthy for you. Think about it: on average, how much oranges would you need to squeeze for a single glass of juice ? Three or four oranges ? Might not seem like a lot, until you consider *eating* those same four oranges at once. The proclaimed result ? Eating a single orange is good for you, but taking in - the sugars of - four oranges is bad.

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