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Comment Re: Customer Survey Discovers iOT Device Are Usele (Score 1) 181

If it weren't so true. I avoid IoT unless I trully needed. It's not that I don't believe in automation and control. It's just that Internet per se is 't the right choice and I don't want an orchestra of things that anderstand little or nothing of what I want or need.

Comment Re: Of course not. (Score 1) 432

People has less hope today that in the past. Just look how many in gen X have no saving to retire, how baby boomers are still working and hiw millenials trust more in propaganda like transformer, Jarvis or x-men than in something more profound. You can still be very happy, but if you want just take a look at suicide rates which climed 24% since 1999 and are at 30-years records. Many more people take that sad desperate route today than before, and aomething is causing it. Woman are especially vulnerable, more so older woman which now commit auicide 64% more often than before. The problem you have is that you see this as a debate. There is no debate about what is happening. My guess is anti-pressants are a band aid, and since the root problem is never assessed, many times the right diagnosis or treatment arrives way too late when too much harm has clouded the body. I had people that really went through really harsh times, and the beat advise is to go out meet people, pray and exercise.

Comment Re: Hearing Aid Batteries (Score 1) 253

Amen. And by the way they would not just be better products, they would actually get more miney from me. The reason I no longer buy any music, and iCoukd storage, any radio and any movies (and any Airpods) is that I don't like being cattled around like I was some farm animal. Yet, I still have many many apps, an Apple laptop, 3 iphones and 2 iPads. Android is crossing my mind with offers like Pixel, but I am hanging out just a little longer. I really despice using dongles and I think they are extremely unflattering to the user. Even the watch makes prople look "funny" in not the right way. I don't care about the cost much, but I am not cattle and I don't like unflattering products.

Comment Re: Because "bad" taxes (Score 1) 124

It's a marketing move. And a commitment to China over US. Yes, Apple knows they contributed a huge amount to China and Asia, and now that Asians can afford iPhone's that's they only growth hope with no other new product to dell than a watch that very few people care about. If Apple could avoid paying any tax in the US they would. If the US didn't command a huge amiunt of revenue and was where they started they'd have moved somewhere else already. I am also not sure why people expect companies to behave any differently when economic theory asks comoanies to just maximize profut for shareholders. Anything else that seems good is risky (competition) and not in the shareholder interest.

Cebturied hace passed and consumers haven't realized that they ultimately have the stronger power of all. Buy people are easily divided, missguided and they are usually unable to work together for a better world.

A real progressive world would be obe dominated by a strong coherent buyers ruling party. Apple could be forced to do whatever buyers wanted so long as we could agree on what we consumers want from corporations and the best way to influence them. For it to work people would vote with their wallets en masse, and woukd need to sacrifice small things like which variant of a huge number of products to use very occasionally: most companies woukd have to listen carefully and just comply.

Comment Re: They could always work elsewhere. (Score 1) 433

They could at least TRY. The owner is one of the richest persons on earth and has made a business of destroying local shops because his system is better IF you exclude de employment side (which buyer don't experience directly). Starbucks charged more, and pays growers extra vs market price in what is the fair price program. You could argue that Starbucks doesn't need that, but guess what? Many people like to pay a bit more and know those growing the crops can have a better pay for growing coffee usually with hugely difficult personal conditions.

Why Amazon can't have a "2-day Fair Price Shipping"

I think smart people miss the chance to say, people working at very low wages for thinks I need should get paid market price, but something better. And it is MUCH BETTER to fund working people through thise that can aford to help a bit (millions and millions) that it is to have the governement comoeting with thanda m so they don't starve as this results in: 1) rise and ultimate takeover by populism 2) many people that prefer no work at all vs a small premium for doing a huge effort for some extra bucks

We need those up the wealth chain to be able to pay a bit more so workers earn a decent living and have a chance to enjoy a fairer planet.

The last thing to note is that in a world where there are more people that need to work to eat than jobs (this happens city by city, is not linear) then workers have no negotiaring power. During the industrial revolution people would die on mines, children would work. It was a hugely sad time with some jobs costing parents their lives in mines for just food. It was a huge factor that many of these emigrated to the US to built the country Slashdot lives on. Today, there is nowhere to go.

Where are the efforts to investigate hie to get everyone to contribute their lives and work hard for a future designed to include everyone living on this floor? Let's asume we don't need everyone to work with our current direction. What ideas can we have to need everyone? If we can figure it out we can avoid turning our future into the dystopian metropolis movie or the 20-25 movies that note this (Oblivion and so many others), and we can also avoid it turning it into Venezuela of sorts that cause the sane problems but without any progress at all.

I'd pay a bit more shipping and would like Amazon to think they have no interest in contributing something in the world of extreme automation they are forging for society.

Amazon, wake up!

Comment Re: AI -- FAR more hype than substance (Score 1) 210

True, but the advances will be in algorithms. The problem with AI is that it couldn't do things that impressed us because it coukd no see, read, talk, sense, walk, mive and itherwise get a good enough representation of the world. Google was birn with an algorithm. Recurrent NN in architectures that are recurrent are gradually learning and reusing other networks, combined with the ability to process informatiin abiut the world in usefull representations are advancing fast. If you look at evolutionary methods, it seems to be the case that at some point, we'll create some rules that just converge to intelligence. We are waiting for it to happen. Until then, we'll have Robo-Copies that can do anything better than us, but that get stuck all the time and don't generalize well.

Comment Re: Colossus (Score 1) 210

Agreed. But an AI first moves may be to hide what it's about to do, which will be own control of its value functions and other key safewards (whuch will be amazing trivial), then find a way to amazingly simplify the algorithms (huge boost eithout any hardware change), then huge replication (like a virus that spreads and hides, it could make itself distributed and hidden to all but itself) and then it woukd start ways to access and process orders of magnitude more data, and then start learning things we don't reprogramming itself, and then planning actions in the world.

Comment Re:I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 289

I can easily ditch my VISA for Mastercard...very VERY easily. The are commodities. I can't switch from iPhone for Android for payments without a HUGE mess in my life. It's a captive market. Apple is leveraging the network effect to reduce competition to 0 on their platform, unfairly and limiting my choices. Just like they charge 25%+ of every piece of software sold on iOS, they could change from 0.15% to 5% whenever Mastercard and VISA are out of the game. This can easily be seen with things like spotify, that have NO OTHER choice but to charge more on iOS. Does this price difference make me switch? Not yet. I am still bothered by how Apple can be a dictator, and isn't forced to allow competitors to compete with them in the platform for things Apple doesn't want to share.

The SECOND I can ditch iOS for something I like (Android is still not exactly what I want) I will.

Using Apple pay is validating Apple's bully attitudes and abusing practices and the banks are not dumb.

Comment Re:I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 289

Why not allow other Apps to access the NFC device? Why does it lock itself, that if you liked to make calls with your phone, then many kinds of new things can only be done by Apple? I am increasingly annoyed by Apple greediness and how every singles cable is always broken, how the phones always need cover and insurance, and by the general attitude of the company.

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