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Comment Re:I don't see any ads at all... (Score 1, Troll) 281

Look what we have here. The village idiot announcing his leetness for using adblock. What do you think would happen if everyone started using adblock? Would we have less or more intrusive ads? Would it be easier or harder to block them?

You are as smart as a guy who found a trick to get free money out of ATMs and then goes telling everyone about it when they complain about their financial hardships.


Comment Re:Chrome ad blockers use up your transfer cap (Score 2, Informative) 385

This is important to people on satellite, 3G, or the Southern Hemisphere, all of which have transfer caps on the order of 5 GB per month per subscriber.

That tells me a lot about the way you process and distribute information. I can personally vouch that there is definitely no transfer cap for the absolute majority of people in the country where I live, which is in the southern hemisphere. I am pretty certain the 5 GB number was also pulled from the same area of your ass where the rest of your "information" exists.

I will not comment on satellite connections or 3G(although unlimited bandwidth plans are fairly common) since unlike you I try to make sure that I have reliable information at hand before spreading it around as if it was fact.

Comment What about the barrier to entry? (Score 5, Insightful) 742

Contributing to and old and large code is much more difficult than contributing to a small one. Getting your head around a large code base is no small task and documentation is often lacking. Even if the code is well commented it could be very difficult to understand the overall design of the software and how things interact with each other.

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