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Journal Journal: Interesting Sig

"Presented in DoubleVision (where drunk)"

Can't remeber who had this sig, but I ever meet him in person, I'll buy him a local 8% beer :)

"Presented in BlackOutVision (where passed-out)"
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Journal Journal: Old Sig

"Beer is one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe, like gravity and duct tape."
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Journal Journal: Living In Montreal 14

It's tourist season. I see licence plate from as far as Texas and Florida. I always wonder: what do these people seek here? It's a great place to live (except maybe for the cold) but I would not know what to visit here...

Can anyone enlightment me?

Update: Just to make things clear, I'd like to point out that Montreal is known as 'The city with 1100 church but 1000 bars'. So I know about the night-life and stuff. And, of course, there's not a day without a festival in town.

My questioning is more like: Is it really BOOORING elsewhere?

Are we the only city to have Nightlife in North America? The only one with events almost everyday of the summer (A jazz festival, Formula 1 race, A 'just for laugh' festival, International Fireworks contest, etc...)

I know it's 'cool' around here, but I find hard to believe that there's none of this elsewhere.
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Journal Journal: 800lb Gorillas

From here:

"I'm convinced that software patents exist soley to help the 800lb gorillas remain 800lb gorillas, but yes, that does give them an advantage"
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Journal Journal: FOSS advantage

From this comment:
"Probably the feature of FOSS that makes it more secure is that it removes all PHBs(Pointy haired bosses for those who aren't dilbert fans)"

That and the marketing department...
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Journal Journal: Thought for today

Microsoft's Programmers are not the source of problems in Windows and Office. It's the pressure from Marketing (Being the first on the market is more important than anything else...).
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Journal Journal: Another funny comment...

Besides, I like the idea of Microsoft selling A/V software with the tag line "Protect your insecure operating system with help from the people who wrote it!" ;-)
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Journal Journal: seen on /. fortune today

linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste (ksh@cis.ufl.edu put this on Tshirts in '93)

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