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Comment abolish it all (Score 1) 594

This may be one of the places where Denmark is way ahead.

I never ever carry cash at all.

If a store doesn't accept credit card - no matter the amount - then I take my business elsewhere, and I can, because 99% (or thereabout) of stores in Denmark accept credit card no matter the amount.

Comment Well done Sony (Score 5, Insightful) 270

I hope you are happy Sony.

You made it this far without people building custom firmware. Now you've forced people to find ways to put custom firmware on the PS3. Next up is "indie" games followed by pirates followed by the game industry going back to PCs or over to other consoles.

Too bad. I actually liked by PS3. Hopefully something new will come along soon so I won't have to buy an xbox...

Comment Filter /. in france (Score 1) 108

"French lawmakers have voted to approve a draft law to filter Internet traffic that Slashdot previously discussed."

I didn't read the article. I didn't even read the rest of the text beyond that sentence. Any traffic related to something which has previously been discussed on /. should be filtered in France...

Comment Re:All in my head, baby -- all in my head... (Score 2, Interesting) 414

At work, however, because despite that we're not a tech shop at all, the dumb password rules (must change every 45 days, can't use any of the last 12, etc) I just change the same character and rotate through digits and the corresponding digit special characters.

We have a similar system where I work. It does little to enhance security. I used to append an incrementing number to my password. I know others who use the current month in their passwords for the exact same reason.

I am all for strong security, but if it goes too far people will invent systems which make security even worse: Everything from post-its to simple rotating passwords.

Comment Re:great idea (Score 1) 271

Yes. "Online."

Grandparent replied about their ability to make money, whereas I commented on their ability to make money online.

</sarcasm> is not a sentence.

I didn't write [] - the /. software did

Finally, I am neither rich nor a kid.

Reading comprehension was never one of your strong suits, was it?

Comment Re:great idea (Score 2, Interesting) 271

Although a great recurring Slashdot meme, the "just fix your business model" viewpoint is utterly and completely retarded and ignorant.

It would not be validly applied in any other circumstance. E.g. let's say that businesses using Open Source are taxed heavily to compensate for lost VAT in commercial software. Consequently, a group of Open Source developers who rely on donations to do full-time development work experience a shortfall in donations and complain about that. Comments like "Yeah, learn to live with it", "You're behind the times", "Dinosaurs do one thing: Die out", "Rethink your development model", "Just find out how to do it" etc. are meaningless.

Even if the artists shouldn't change their business model, why is it in order to punish those who did change their business model?

This tax is going to target companies completely unrelated to artists (SaaS companies for instance). I'm pretty sure they aren't the ones pirating music. Also I'm also pretty sure that their customers (people who buy SaaS) generally don't pirate music.

Everything about this tax is misguided

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