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Comment Re:Harsh terms vs. opaque language (Score 1) 374

You'll find the same situation at any others, because now that this clever strategem is well-publicized, every other self-respecting titan of finance is going to attach such a standard clause in any of their deals. Do you think anybody wants to be at a gallery opening in San Francisco with a bunch of Sand Hill guys and have to admit they let $70K slip into the pockets of some technical dork like Yee Lee? Did that guy even *go* to Stanford?

You see the issue.

Comment Re:Private options can be diluted on a whim (Score 1) 374

Yeah, unless you've got a founder's stake and good lawyers, equity participation in a new business is very probably a waste of time. Also, as noted, since a pure IPO is pretty rare these days, the days of big upside are now merely legends of the bubble. You are much better off getting an additional $10K in salary and then investing that in real companies if so inclined.

I negotiate salary and benefits and pretty much ignore any option offers unless they think I'm stupid enough to take them in lieu of additional cash compensation. I view options strictly as a lotto ticket, with about the same probability of winning but a much smaller payout. In fact, I probably should just negotiate a lotto ticket package instead of options next time...

Comment Garbage Sites, Garbage Passwords (Score 1) 276

It's interesting that all of these "onoes errybody using the same password errywhere" stories fail to point out that the junk logins required by almost every site for the purpose to collecting ad demo data essentially feed weak passwords to black hats. This has trained many people to use the same password everywhere, since no sane person will maintain and memorize separate passwords for dozens of sites, many of which they may just utilize for entertainment. Combined with the weak security even major players (c.f. Sony) have been shown to use, this is now a bottomless cornucopia of id theft data.
Since it's well known that a large proportion of user demo data entered along with these logins is also junk, the smart guys use bugs and IP tracking, and profiling of various kinds to collect this data now anyway, so it's not even useful to have local logins for that purpose. It's time for sites to Just Say NO To Junk Logins...

Comment Re:Please explain (Score 1) 246

Tidal interaction has nothing to do with it. Actually, the Earth's magnetic field would likely be stronger without the Moon since tidal interactions have transferred angular momentum to the Moon and slowed the Earth's spin over geologic time.

Mars' core has likely long solidified given its small size and Venus rotates very slowly, which is why neither of them has a significant active dynamo.

Comment Margin of error (Score 4, Interesting) 449

It seems very scary that on an aircraft with everything working but the airspeed indicators (and I understand that those are very important), after more than 3 1/2 minutes the aircrew was unable to prevent the plane from hitting the ocean. This was a state of the art aircraft. Makes you wonder how many close calls there have been that luckily didn't result in catastrophe.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 591

The project is certainly threatened by Chrome, and has no chance to beat it given that it's Google's own browser, so these efforts to ride along on Chrome's publicity ultimately are doomed to fail. As long as Google commits resources to develop Chrome anyway. The issue is that if you have the skills to produce a browser that is on a par with Chrome, why would you not take a big salary to work ON Chrome.

I personally think Firefox should focus on the privacy/security aspects of the experience and make it clear they are the anti-Chrome aka extension of Google's tentacles onto all aspects of your online existence. I honestly have no idea what the strategy is at Mozilla right now, and I suspect neither do they. Trying to be some kind of cuddlier but much slower version of Chrome is very 'wut?' to me.

Comment Re:Nuke power (Score 2) 483

Exactly. I'm not "scared" of nuclear power, I'm an engineer and I understand the concepts of risk and failure mode effects analysis. The problem is primarily management failures in most of these high-profile accidents, as summarized by the poster above. There is no way to eliminate those on long enough time scales because human beings make mistakes. The problem with nuclear power is that the catastrophe scenario is very, very bad, and the timescale to react is very short. The latest update from Fukushima is that according to simulations based on the data they have, the Unit 1 reactor began melting down within 16 hours after loss of core cooling.

My feeling from reading some of the responses from people who are in favor of nuclear power is that for some people it reduces to an attachment to the technology. It's pretty cool to have the ability to split the atom to generate power (even though it's ultimately just boiling water). There's a visceral pride we feel in being able to harness something inherently very dangerous. Until it gets away from us.

Comment Where is all the water going?? (Score 2) 664

So it seems clear at this point that all three of the damaged reactors are leaking water, meaning, logically, that the containments are breached in all of them. Building 4's spent fuel pool also is suspected to be leaking. Where are the tons of water they are pumping in every day going? The turbine building basements so not have infinite capacity, and that much water won't evaporate at any speed from inside underground spaces...

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